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Editor's comment

When I was a teenager, desperate to be circumcised, and long before the Internet existed, I tried this. It was a total failure. Either the whole contraption would come forward when I was totally soft, or the tape would peel off when I had an erection. It never lasted any time at all. Just keeping my foreskin back had a higher (but not great) success rate. Anyway, what most of us want to know is how goes circumcision affect sex - and you're not going to have sex with tape on your dick. (I hope.) But we're all different, so read the folloing comments, but don't build up your hopes too much.

Correspondents’ Experiences

I am uncut and have been keeping my skin retracted for more than 15 years. In fact my skin only covers a little bit of my corona now when I am flaccid. To keep your skin off your head, you may want to try wearing some tight underwear which keeps the penis in a fixed position all the time. Keep your skin retracted at all times. Once you find it slipping forward, go to the toilet and skin it back again. The key is to keep it retracted for as long as possible continously. Gradually your skin will completely loosen up and learn to stay back. Even if it is long enough to cover the head, somehow it will 'crease up' like your elbow skin and can never cover the head continously anymore.



The interruption of sleep was experienced by me, but it did not last more than 2 weeks. Soon or later the skin of the glans will toughen up (well in fact it will 'peel' off as if you had a sunburn). In about 1 month, it will completely dry up. You can then try to masturbate like a cut man, using your dry hand on your dry glans. The painful sensitivity is gone - you can touch your glans anyway you want and clean it anyway you want - unlike before.

However, I think that having a long and loose frenulum is essential if you want to keep your skin peeled back at all times; otherwise, a circumcision is recommended.



I am uncircumcised and have been keeping my foreskin permenantly retracted for many years. I started doing this in college while enrolled in a swimming class. Most of the guys in my class were circumcised and I really wanted to experience having my glans exposed all the time like theirs. I live in the USA and most of the guys my age are circumcised. I have little overhang and a nice full head so I had no problem keeping the skin behind the glans while in showers. For the most part, with snug underwear, I kept my foreskin retracted in my pants too.

When I first went into the showers this way, it was a personal challenge to hold back that boner. My glans was real sensitive and the water from the shower would easily arouse me. Also, the open air would make my dick tingle. I was a little concerned that the other guys in the showers would figure out my sexual ‘experiment’. Everybody assumed I was circumcised so I continued to shower with it bare all semester long.

I continued to keep my foreskin retracted all the time and the glans dry. The sensitivity of my glans felt different than before and I liked it. As my glans began to toughen, dry friction became bearable and very pleasurable. When I stroked the head of my dick, the sensation felt deeper than before. My dick became tough enough to endure vigorous stimulation for a lengthy time. It took longer for me to climax and my orgasms became more intense. Before 'wearing it bare', my glans was too sensitive to stroke dry.

I’ve been wearing it bare for 15 years and believe the head of my dick is as durable as a circumcised man. When I am not wearing any clothes, I feel truly nude with my glans exposed. Dry friction has become my best friend. I’m constantly reminded of the dick in my pants with each frictional movement.

Now I want to go all the way and get circumcised, high and tight and my frenulum removed.



17 years ago I started training my foreskin to stay back - one helluva tall order for an inch-and-a-half flopping over the glans. Eventually after about 18 months it stayed retracted (most probably my corona flared out more, keeping it there).

That was the case for years until browsing on the anti-circ websites about 3 years ago. I was suckered into believing that I’d actually done harm to myself by allowing my glans to become ‘hard and insensitive’ and subsequently I started wearing the ol' skin forward again.

Now I’m ready to be cut because of the frequent bouts of inflammation, smegma, smell etc. How could one desire this? Ironically my wife does not understand WHY I want it done but has reluctantly agreed that I can.



Whilst permanent retraction of the foreskin will give one a feel for what being circumcised is like, it is a poor substitute for the real thing and fails to bring all the benefits that we seek by being circumcised.

Whilst the foreskin remains, there is continued production of smegma which will still get trapped in the folds and the coronal sulcus.

The bunch of foreskin behind the glans doesn’t give the smooth appearance that adults expect from being circumcised.

During sex the foreskin will unroll and get in the way, so the direct stimulation of the glans rim (and of the clitoris by the glans rim) that circumcision allows is inhibited.

By all means use retraction if you are not sure whether or not you wish to be circumcised for the rest of your life, but if the bare head is what you really want then the full benefits are only achieved by proper circumcision.



I used to wear my foreskin retracted back past the glans when I was a teenager. The dumb piece of skin would sooner or later return to cover the glans, often grabbing a scrotum hair or two, which had lodged between the glans and the previously retracted foreskin. In that situation I would feel the sudden painful tug on my scrotum, causing a lot of discomfort. Bandaids didn’t look too natural, though super-glue gave a better cosmetic appearance - only temporary of course. (Not recommended! Only medical grades of tissue glue should be applied to the body - Editor.) In any case, the bulk of two inches of foreskin retracted behind the glans was a nuisance.

It’s so great to be rid off that bit of skin. A bit more removed wouldn’t be missed at all.

Paul S


I keep the foreskin back by wearing a black rubber washer behind the corona. It doesn’t make the glans any thicker, but seems to keep the frenulum from exerting forward pressure on the foreskin.


(Again, not recommended because of the danger of partial strangulation of the blood supply to the glans - Editor)


I'm 40 and just in the last 3 years have been trying to keep my foreskin retracted so I am prepared for my circumcision which is planned later this year. My glans has not been overly sensitive since I was in my mid-twenties. However, keeping my foreskin retracted (which is long, thick and loose) was not easy or without some discomfort. I have found that keeping the foreskin peeled back (I do have a large glans which helps) is easier when I wear boxer shorts. The cock head then rubs loosely against my boxer shorts and keeps me semi-erect (or at least plumped up.) This keeps the foreskin back. In the early days of retraction, it would go back over the glans almost every time I sat down. However, by going to the restroom and re-peeling the foreskin, I have successfully trained it to stay retracted. Eventually, after keeping it peeled for 3 days straight, my glans peeled as if I had a sunburn. I talked to a physician friend, who indicated this was quite normal. I now can keep it retracted most all of the time and I’m ready to be circumcised. Sex on the bare glans has proven much better. I should also mention that my frenulum tore completely when I was 18 and therefore it doesn’t exist to pull the foreskin forward over the glans, as happens with a short or tight frenulum.

David (USA)


I’ve kept my foreskin retracted for many years now; while it is in some respects the ‘best of both worlds’ (because appearance-wise, I look circ'd), I can’t ignore the skin that lays behind the glans. It looks neat enough, and one friend after swimming in a public pool said, “I thought you said you weren’t circumcised!”. I told him about retracting it. The difference is with intercourse; I was married for 10 years and I’ve been retracted for more years than that. I found a reduction of sensation during in the withdrawl phase of thrusting, and frequently would manually keep the foreskin pulled down, but it’s an interference.

Paul (USA)

(Later the same year the writer reported being circumcised by the Gomco Clamp method - Editor)


Taping will work, but it takes some practice. I recommend shaving any hair away from the shaft or base of the cock, so it doesn’t get caught on the tape. Use a surgical tape that is both sticky and stretchy, which can be found in many large drugstores. It comes in several widths, but it can be cut with scissors if you need a narrower one than you can find. With the foreskin all the way forward, I put one piece snugly around the shaft, right behind the glans. Then a second piece around the base of the shaft. Holding the tape forward, roll the foreskin slowly back over the tape, turning it "inside out". It will stay this way for long periods of time, even a day or so, until the oils from the skin, or lube, or a shower loosens the stickiness. When you are soft, the skin will cover the edge of the glans, just as it does in many circumcised men, but when you are erect, depending on how much you ‘grow’, it will be stretched back just like a high and tight circ. Plan to stay "cut" for awhile when you do this, because pulling off the sticky tape from your shaft can hurt until the stickiness starts to dissolve. Ouch! But you can easily remove the tape or any sticky residue from the cock shaft by applying a few drops of a citrus product called ‘Goo Gone, ’ which quickly dissolves adhesives from labels, price stickers, etc., and is sold in small bottles at WalMart, Kmart, etc.

Patrick (USA)

Do not use any glue removal product containing Carbon Tetrachloride. It would work, but the chemical is carcinogenic! Not at all suitable for use near the mucous membranes of the inner foreskin - Editor.

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