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Medical  Benefits

to the partner of the circumcised man

Medical evidence, mainly amassed since the mid-1990s, overwhelmingly indicates that circumcision provides significant health benefits not only to individual males of all ages but also to the female partners of those who are sexually active. The public health implications alone are such that routine circumcision of infants, boys and men should be seriously considered. With the worldwide male circumcision rate somewhere between 30% and 40%, now is the time to work to significantly increase this number for the health benefit of the entire planet.


Icon denoting 'Heterosexual' Benefits to the female sexual partners of the circumcised male

Male-to-female transmission rates of the following conditions are reduced by male circumcision and so the risk of the female partner acquiring/suffering from these conditions will be reduced by a statistically significant amount:
Icon No claim can be made that male circumcision provides perfect protection against these diseases arising in the female partners of circumcised men. The issues here are  Risk Reduction for the individual and Epidemic Control in the population at large.

Icon denoting 'Homosexual'Benefits in homosexual relationships

Whilst some research suggests a marginal degree of protection in homosexual relations, circumcision cannot be regarded as a significant form of STI prophylaxis in this scenario.

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