The Uncircumcised Penis
During Intercourse


Line drawing 1.  First entry.

Even if the foreskin is manually retracted during foreplay, the bunched-up prepuce prevents the rim of the glans from making unobstructed contact with the vagina on first entry. Sensation for both partners is diminished.
Line drawing 2.  Part-way through the first thrust stroke.

The foreskin may retract sufficiently for both partners to experience the sensation of the rim of the glans being in direct contact with the vaginal wall, but this is not a certainty.
Line drawing 3.  First deep penetration.

This is the nearest equivalent to circumcised intercourse; the glans probably will be fully exposed at this point unless the male has phimosis. In that event, it is probable that the initial entry will be made with the foreskin not retracted and the glans will remain at least partially covered throughout coitus.
Line drawing 4.  Part-way through first retraction stroke.

Friction between the vaginal wall and the shaft skin of the uncircumcised penis tends to drag the foreskin over the glans.

It is at this point that the body fluids of the female become trapped against the male’s mucosal inner foreskin, with implications regarding female-to-male STI transfer if infection is present.
Line drawing 5.  Completion of first retraction stroke.

Unless the foreskin becomes hooked behind the coronal rim of the glans (possible in males with mild paraphimosis), the glans becomes covered at this juncture. Subsequent thrust strokes are likely to leave the male “masturbating inside his own foreskin”. This does not impart great sensations to the female, but ejaculation will still occur. As long as the tip of the glans is exposed at ejaculation fertility is not diminshed, but the sexual experience is degraded.

Member experiences

Flag of the UK   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Icon denoting 'Heterosexual'The female viewpoint (from a country where circumcision is rare)

The health, hygiene and appearance benefits of circumcision are well recognised by most women, but only a woman who has had the pleasure of experiencing sex with a properly (and tightly) circumcised man knows the difference which it makes to our enjoyment of intercourse! This benefit of circumcision is not publicised half enough and if more young people knew how much more they would enjoy sex when the man is circumcised, there would be queues waiting outside circumcision clinics for this procedure. It does the same for men also - my husband was circumcised as an adult (with my encouragement, soon after we met) and although he had no medical reason to be circumcised, he says that sex was overwhelmingly transformed for the better for him, just as it was for me. When one thinks about it, a well circumcised penis, with its always-bared head, pronounced rim and tightly stretched skin on the shaft, is bound to be better for sexual purposes. I can certainly feel the flared rim inside me during sex and the tight shaft rubs me just as I need to be rubbed, as it moves. It’s a no-brainer. A well circumcised penis looks better, smells better, feels better and fucks better! I keep saying it and I will continue to do so until the message gets through.


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