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The penis and its foreskin
The foreskin is a continuation of the skin of the penis shaft which forms a fold over the glans of the penis. Shown to the right are three views labelling the various parts of the foreskin and shaft skin. Since it is a fold, the inner foreskin (in green) and the outer foreskin (in turquoise) are continuous with each other, and also freely mobile with respect to each other.
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The frenulum is a web of skin that helps the foreskin to retract during erection and return when flaccid. After circumcisison it is redundant - it may be retained or removed during circumcision. In the illustration to the left, the foreskin has been pulled back and the frenulum is highlighted in yellow. Likewise, the amount of inner and outer foreskin that is retained or removed is up to you and your physician.

Those unfaniliar with medical terms may like to look at our Glossary of terms used in male circumcision.

The uncircumcised penis
Two young men at a French nudist resort. The one on the left has a foreskin which covers his glans and bunches up in front of it. This is more common in a young boy but still perfectly normal for an adult. The one on the right has a foreskin which just covers the glans and no more - a more common style in an adult. Courtesy of HE (formerly Health and Efficiency) the world's longest running nudist magazine, first published 1900. Two young men
An adult penis with the foreskin only half covering the glans. This is probably the most common type of uncircumcised penis. Photo by Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden, 1856-1931 short foreskin
An uncircumcised man with the foreskin retracted. Many uncircumcised men keep their foreskins retracted, either because it naturally stays that way, or they find it more comfortable, or they think it looks better. Photo by Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden, 1856-1931 short foreskin

The circumcised penis
This is a 'moderate' circumcision. Note that in front of the scar line (arrowed) a small amount of remaining inner foreskin is bunching up behind the glans. moderate circumcision
tight circumcision A tighter circumcision - there is quite a bit of inner skin left in front of the circumcision scar (arrow) but is only enough to cover the shaft, there is no loose skin.
A low and tight adult circumcision - very little inner skin is left. low and tight
high and very tightA high and tight Australian circumcision
A high and tight circumcision with the frenulum totally preserved. frenulum preserved

The Snippikins survey - results from different devices

The Snippikins site on Tumblr (warning - adult content) asked readers who were circumcised in infancy, and who knew what technique had been used on them, to send in images of the result. The owner of the site thought that the results would be of interest to Circlist and suggested we might use them. They certainly are of interest, and here is an edited version of the report.


I was born I the US, in Connecticut, in 1986, of Scottish and Italian descent. My dad told me about my circumcision when I was in college. He and my mom were talking about it because they didn't know if having me cut was the right thing He described how it was done and that's when I found out about it. My mom talked to me about it later when I was going to have my first kid, in case it was a boy. I think she felt guilty 'cause she said 'They put this little plastic thing on you and you didn't even cry so I don't think it was painful.' I said my wife and I would decide what to do and that I wasn't mad at her. Then we had a girl......

plastibell 1a plastibell 1b plastibell 1c

I was circed at two months in Canada. The ring fell off after 5 days - oh and the year was 1993

plastibell 2a plastibell 2b plastibell 2c plastibell 2d


I was circumcised in New York in 1991. It was with a mogen and I know this because my family has a picture of my penis with the clamp on it just after my foreskin was cut off(you can't see anything, just the clamp and the hands of the woman who circumcised me). It was a Jewish bris and that's why there are pictures. My parents got a circumcision certificate from the mohelet who cut me and then framed it. It is now on the mantel in their living room.

mogen1a mogen1b mogen1c mogen1d


I was circumcised at birth, in hospital, in November 1982 by the Australian equivalent of the Gomco clamp called the Little Trimmer. This is the result of my circumcision.


I was circumcised the day after my birth, my father described the "screw being tightened" and with my classic scar I know I was circumcised by Gomco clamp. I was born in 1993 in Ohio.

gomco2a gomco2b gomco2c

Readers' Pictures

Many readers have sent in pictures of their members, with or without foreskins, and here is a gallery of them. More are welcome but please note that they must be of publishable quality and that we will not post pictures of erections. More detailed stories, before and after pictures, and your own experiences of being circumcised or uncircumcised, are also welcome - they will go in our Preferences and Experiences section.

HTC, a young gay man RIC in Midwest USA, sent in these pictures of his high and loose circumcisiom. A very striking two-tone effect and an unusual scar-line. He seems a bit self-conscious about it but I bet the guys love it.


The editor's suggestion is that the unusual scar livn was a consequence of adhesions between the glans and the foresskin, so that the inner skin on the upper side could not be peeled back. If so, dealt with in a very elegant way.

JF, from Queensland, Australia had always wanted to be circumcised and was finally done at age 40. He is now 50 and very happy with the result.


It was done with a Shang Ring or Prepex (or similar) device.

A model's Mogen
American reader JBK sent in several images of his penis, circumcised in infancy, wondering what technique had been used. We think it is pretty certainly a Mogen Clamp job (See our Intruments and Techniques section). He adds "I have done some nude modeling and I definitely think it makes for more artsy pictures". Here are three of his images.

JBK's 3 pictures

20/20 circumcision

20-year-old Vietnamese reader CT sent us these images of his circumcision 20 days after the operation, in 2020. He didn't mention the technique but as you can see the frenulum was completely removed, so it was probably freehand. It has obviously healed quickly and cleanly. He also sent an erect image - we can't publish that but let's just say it is clearly a very nice job.
Chen TrunhCT frenulum

NRD NRD was circumcised as a teenager and sent us the photo of the beautiful high and tight result. You could hardly tell where the scar is were it not for the colour change where inner and outer skin meet. The two-tone effect is very attractive.

Shang Ring circumcision

Ring in place

In December 2019 reader MJ was circumcised by the Shang Ring technique. He sent us these pictures of the procedure. Above, with the ring in place, below, three weeks later with healing almost complete.

3 weeks later

Italian reader Davide, aged 37, was circumcised in infancy. It seems this is not at all uncommon in modern Italy - in his school class 5 out of 15 boys were cut.


The curious feature is that there seem to be two scars. One, arrowed in red, is extremely fine, the other, arrowed in blue, looks more like a normal circumcision scar. The frenulum has been totally removed, so this scar must be real. Readers comments are welcome - email us.

JA wrote: "I was wondering what type of device would have been used when I was circumcised. I was circumcised as an infant and it appears that I was cut high and tight. Would have been done in the late 80's."

Well, it's a very nice high and tight cut, and I'm sure you are proud of it. Looks like a Gomco job to me. (Ed)
JA circ

Reader JTT also wonders what technique would have been used. He writes "Had quite a marked brown scar which has faded over the years. Would it have been a Gomco job?" Editor's comment: "The way the scar goes up into the V of the corona shows it's not a Gomco job. A Mogen clamp can be angled to give that sort of shape but would leave more inner skin. Possibly a Mogen with further trimming of the inner skin?"

JTT - upper view JTT - lower view

From RR in the UK, circumcised soon after birth. A typical English moderate circumcision. He also sent an erect image which was (ahem) quite impressive but we cannot publish that. RR English circ

CL teenage circ A teenage circumcision
CL writes: "I'm from the UK and this photo shows a close up of my scar. It was a freehand job done when I was 17 - 21 years ago. It's a tight cut that's pretty low with the outer foreskin stitched into the V where the frenulum was (you can see that small piece of outer skin stitched in from the photo. It means that I don't get any bunching even when flaccid so it's a very comfortable and people can always tell that I'm circumcised which seems to be pretty rare in the UK these days... "

Adult circumcision.
Des writes "This is me today at 56, I was circumcised at 23 in a Jewish hospital in Montreal, probably a low and tight circumcision. My shaft has a lot of hair and I need to shave it every few weeks. I wish I had a very high one.

Jewish circumcisions are generally low, but yours looks like a very nice job. (Ed)
adult circ

Before and after
Dutch reader GJ sent in these pictures of his circumcision, showing it before, immediately after, and fully healed. It is a very high cut and was done by a specialist in Recklinghausen, Germany.
Before circ
Post-OpFully healed

Workings of a foreskin
"I'm uncircumcised and I have a nice tight tip but I can pull it back". From reader KM
Foreskin forwardForeskin retracted

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