Z-Plasty, the remedy
for a peno-scrotal web


What is a peno-scrotal web and how does it form?

The nature of the problem is well illustrated in the middle photo below. In contrast to a normal adult male, this patient has a web of skin stretched between his scrotum and the ventral aspect (the underneath) of his penis, in this instance reaching as far as the circumcision scar and apparently forming a continuous structure with the frenulum.

The abnormality can be congenital (a birth defect) or a result of over-aggressive circumcision in infancy. For details of the paediatric implications when the condition is discovered in a newborn child, please see CIRCLIST’s page on contra-indications here.

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The remedy is a surgical intervention called z-plasty. The immediate post-operative result is shown above right. In essence the procedure involves surgical reconstruction of the raphe but adjustment of dartos tissue may also be required.


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