Sunathrone Clamp

Launched in 2006, this circumcision clamp is a single-use disposable device developed by Sunathrone BioMedical in Malaysia. The makers claim a number of significant advantages over previous designs of disposable clamps. The principal advantage appears to be the size of the device remaining on the penis for the duration of the healing period, which is considerably smaller than rival clamps. The Sunathrone Clamp comes in various sizes for use on males of all ages, from newborn to adults.

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Above left: The 'Sunameter' measuring device, used to select the correct size of clamp.

Above right: An adult being circumcised with the 32mm diameter Sunathrone Clamp. The next step involves detaching the tube section at the bayonet joint that is just visible (ringed in yellow) between the detached foreskin and the white clamping component. Once the tube has been detached, nothing protrudes beyond the tip of the exposed glans.

Below: The ‘Sunalever’ accessory being used to lock the clamp shut at an earlier stage of the procedure. Once closed it is well-nigh impossible for a meddlesome patient to tamper with it.

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The prototype clamp in January 2006 had a design flaw and also a production method problem. The former Circlist editor discussed these issues with Sunathrone, who resolved these problems and they should not be found in any device currently on sale. However, medical personnel should check all of the following:
  1. The detachable part of the tube should be joined using a bayonet joint, not a break-off line of weakness.
  2. The packaging should be marked Sterile-EO, not Sterile-R.
  3. The presence of a Batch Code plus an Expiry of Sterility date that remains valid.
Finally, it should be noted the clamp is designed to be used by a skilled physician or other trained healthcare provider. This is not a device for use by untrained staff.

A boy being circumcised with a Sunathrone Clamp

Child, before circumcision (49.078 bytes) Child, during circumcision (47,783 bytes) Child, after circumcision (45,515 bytes)
Before During After

Video demonstration (links added July 2013)
The following YouTube videos show the Sunathrone Clamp and the associated Sunalever closure tool in use on an adult patient:

movie icon   icon - teenager   Part 1 :
Part 2 :

Extent of use

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We understand that the clamp is being used in Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore and Sweden. This list is based on information supplied by the manufacturer on 10.Nov.2010.

Manufacturer’s website, etc.:

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