The Winkelmann Clamp
Also known as Sunnet Clamp

The Winkelmann Clamp is a traditional design that remains popular especially in the Turkish community in Germany. It is the clamp featured in the film Hitan. Currently manufactured by the Lister Surgical Company of Sialkot, Pakistan, and possibly elsewhere.

The Winkelmann Clamp The Winkelmann Clamp
[Image copyright unknown] From the film Hitan

The clamp is used in a similar way to a Gomco clamp, intended to be affixed to the patient only for the duration of the surgery. As with the Gomco device, adult patients and pre-pubertal boys circumcised tightly will need to be sutured after its use. It has one significant advantage over the Gomco: It cannot fall apart during the fitting process.

Its origins remain obscure; possibly attributable to the German urological surgeon Karl Winkelmann (1863-1925) after whom the Winkelmann-Jaboulay operation for hydrocele is named.

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