Instant Circumcision Experience Photos

From Skinhead to Acorn in 10 minutes!

Now you will know what it's like to be an acorn, before you have your circumcision performed! The longer you wear it bared, the more you will enjoy the feeling of the dry, smooth, clean glans! Eventually, your foreskin may be able to remain retracted without the tape, thoroughly preparing you for the day you become a circumcised man.

Getting Ready...Get It Out!

Skin It Back!

Tape It!

Wear It Bare!


The Condom Method

Get a condom and near the open end cut the end off. So basically your left with a o-ring and about 1cm of floppy latex. Then pull you foreskin back and place it behind the head. So should see the the floppy latex part seems to stick to the skin behind the head so the skin cannot roll over. This works quite well and it does not matter if you get hard because the ring expands. Plus it can be left of for ages. Only sometimes will it roll over.

Variation on a Theme

Wrap a piece of tape about 1" from the base of your cock all the  way around with the sticky side up. Then slide the skin back over the  tape. To make it hold better, wrap another piece sticky side down  right at the base. Slightly stretchy first aid tape works best and do it when your semi-hard.

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