Growing up Uncut

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The following accounts, most of which originally appeared in the CIRCLIST Discussion Group in the days when it was hosted by Yahoo, record the experiences, opinions and feelings of those who grew up uncircumcised. It is an extensive collection that speaks volumes about the self-doubt, teasing, bullying, infections and discomforts experienced by those not circumcised as infants. Despite all, there are a few expressions of the opinion that the decision to circumcise should be deferred, left to the individual once they are of an age to understand what is involved.

To enable you to find your way around this lengthy page quickly, the entries are arranged in alphabetical order of the Circlist Member’s country, then ascending order of age at circumcision. Where disclosed either here or in other submissions, the sexuality of the writer is indicated in the heading.

Flag of Australia   Icon denoting 'Boy'   Circumcised at age 10

I was born in 1974 in Australia. I could not pull the skin back as a kid when having to go to the toilet. It hurt a lot and always seem to smell terrible. Most of the kids at boarding school were cut and they didn’t have any problems, it seemed, and my mates reckoned I should have it off and look like them. I can’t remember all the details, but my dad tells me I asked him if I could be circ’d when I was 10 years old - he agreed - he wanted me done after I was born but the doctor in Sydney would not agree. Second time around he arranged for a Sydney urologist to do the job.

When I went back to school my mates reckoned I had a really horny circ. For me there is no way I would ever want a foreskin restoration or anything like that. I can’t believe those who want their foreskin restored ever had one to remember what it is like. My girlfriend has a teenage brother and sometimes we go surfing together. When he saw me undressed one day he began to get a real hard on. He has a long cock and large balls like me, and a big overhanging foreskin. He hates his foreskin. My girlfriend thinks he should be cut, and he comes and looks at circ sites on my computer because he hasn’t got a computer. He wants his scar line as far back down his cock as possible, like mine. We talk about it a bit and he is almost certainly going to be cut. This web site is really great for both of us!

David - Australia

Flag of Australia   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Icon denoting 'Heterosexual'Circumcised at age 18

I am 54 year old father of three children (two boys). When I was young, uncut and very hung up about it, there was no information or help I could turn to. The great thing about your website and others like it is that, in complete privacy, all the information is there.

My old boarding school in Australia was very strong on tradition. In this boarding environment there was a very strong culture of circumcision, which I think is good. It would be interesting to have some of these older public schools surveyed to find out the proportion of circumcised v. uncircumcised boys today and what these school are doing by way of education to assist the presumed minority of hapless uncut kids. There was nothing in my day.

The least I hope they are doing is suggesting to the parents that circumcision is recommended before boarding, if for no other reason than to avoid psychological hang-ups, and to offer uncut children the opportunity to be circumcised. I understand at least two British public schools expect incoming boys to be circumcised.

In the 1950s and 1960s the shape and size of each boys penis was a major factor in peer grouping; I would be suprised if things were much different today. This has ongoing consequences once a child leaves school - the effect on an adolescent’s self esteem - relationships with girls and so on.

Through no fault of their own, uncut kids were always at the bottom of the heap. Nobody should have to go through life with the encumbrance of a foreskin; I went through sheer hell.

I entered this strong circumcision as a boarder age seven, one of at most 10 uncut boys out of approximately 800.

Even before going to boarding school I remember having problems. At around 6 years of age my mother used to bath me, adding some sort of solution to the bath and trying to pull my foreskin back to clean me. In truth, this became an early introduction to masturbation as it was very pleasurable and I soon found out I could get the same effect by doing it myself!.

As far as my parents were concerned, my mother wanted me circumcised at birth, but my father didn’t agree. I pleaded with my father after my first year of boarding school to be "cut", but he would not allow it (he also was uncut). At boarding school we had to shower in open showers at least twice a day and every boy’s penis was known to every other boy in the most intricate detail. Some boys had great difficulty controlling erections and were always trying to hide their semi-erect state. Whilst every other boy in my dormitory was circumcised, many quite radically, I had this terrible elephant’s trunk foreskin that had horrible smelly secretions and was always itchy. I became very obsessed about it and greatly admired others who had tight upstanding dicks. Many of the others openly despised me because I had this revolting foreskin and quite often someone would comment “why dont you have it cut off and become one of us?”. If only I could!

Once I left school and had acquired an independent means of income, I decided to get circumcised. I was 18 years of age. I used to go hunting a lot and lived in the bush for a week at a time, resulting in my penis became foul smelling and very sore. I felt I would never have the courage to have it off with a woman whilst having such a disgusting, smelly dick. So, given my intense dislike of my foreskin anyway, I saved up the money, summoned up courage and went to see a local GP. He agreed and a few weeks later it was all done in hosptal, with an overnight stay. The stitches hurt a bit, but so what? I was so elated at long last to be circumcised, the pain was almost a pleasure.

Having experienced life with and without a foreskin, believe me, it is just so much better if you’re cut. For the male the friction is fantastic and my wife tells me the feeling of my hard cock head moving in and out inside her is a major turn on. Just rubbing her gently on the clitoris with the end of my cock gets her going in no time - try doing that with a loose foreskin flapping around.

Women almost universally favour a circumcised penis because they can feel the penis better inside them and they much prefer the way it looks. By comparison, a man with a foreskin having sex is akin to having a shower with a raincoat on (for both partners).

I have had my own two sons circumcised. There was simply no way they were going through what I had been through. My wife worked at a local surgery, so it was organised for the operation to be carried out each time before they left hospital.

At 15 and 16 years of age my sons are both strong, happy, handsome kids - heavily into sport (surfing, golf etc), with fair hair and lovely uncomplicated personalities - each with a well developing cut penis, each with a long pulled back inner skin between the scar and their glans. I am very proud of their circumcisions and I suspect they are too. They still walk around the house naked, our circumcision being a silent bond between us.

The boys attend a day school and so rarely if ever get their gear off in a locker room situation. However, I do know from ealier years when I had to help shower them (and, on occasions, their friends), that most of their generation in this locality have foreskins - thanks no doubt to the Nocirc camp and their influence on local GPs.

I have never, ever regretted being circumcised. I hope my own story might give others some encouragement to have it cut off.

Ian - Australia

Flag of Australia   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Circumcised as an adult

There is an infinite difference between the amorphous, untidy, crude, unfinished state of having a skin over the end of your willy, and the well defined, tight, comfortable, revealed, neat, clean, tidy, attractive, fulfilled state of being circumcised.

I am proud and happy for the world to see my glans and my scar, my only regret is that it wasn’t done for me as a baby - even if I did enjoy getting it done. Truly circumcision is a man-made improvement on what we are born with. And would the anti’s answer this: If we didn’t make improvements and repairs to ourselves, how much shorter would be our life span? Why is prophylactic circumcision any different?

Anonymous - Australia

Flag of Australia   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Still uncircumcised

I grew up uncircumcised in Australia at a time when 60 to 70% of kids were cut. I’m still uncut, but work hard to make it look like I’m circumcised.

My mum opposed the idea of circumcision as unnatural and unnecessary. At primary school I noticed the difference between me and most of the other kids in the showers after sport. I coined the terms 'innies' and 'outies' to describe what I saw. I didn’t know it was the result of an operation; I just saw the difference. It seemed that most of the popular kids were circ’d and I was a bit envious. When I was about 5 or 6 I was playing with the next door neighbour’s kids in a paddock with long grass. During a break in playing hide and seek, we were talking and Leon, the older of the two brothers, suggested we got our dicks out to compare them. I was a bit nervous but we all did it and they showed me their bare-headed cocks with the skin coming up neatly behind the rims and thought they were kind of cool. Leon also showed me how when he pulled the shaft skin up and and over the rim of his knob, it snapped back immediately. I showed them how mine worked. They asked how come my dick looked different and I remember saying I didn’t know. I must have got some grass caught in my fly or something because when I got home my mother asked me what I had been doing. Another incident that sparked my interest in the nature of penises was when I was staying at another neighbour’s place one night and I was getting changed into my pajamas. The daughter of the family who, at 8 or 9, was a couple of years older than me came into the room just as I had my pants down. She saw my dick and looking surprised, saying “What’s that?” I showed her and pulled back my foreskin so she could see my knob. She looked a bit taken aback, but kind of curious at the same time. I assume now that her elder brother must have been circumcised. Either that or she lead a very sheltered existence.

Another thing that happened was once when I was taking a bath, my mother came in and noticed that I had my foreskin pulled back (I had already discovered that I liked the sensation) and told me off for playing with my 'little fella'. Needles to say, it didn’t stop me. By the time I was about 10 I had found out about circumcision and would sometimes masturbate to the mantra "circ’y, fore’y, circ’y, fore’y" as I pulled the sensitive skin back and forward over my super-sensitive knob.

When I was 12 I went into hospital and I remember the kid next to me was in to be circumcised. I was dying to ask him if I could check it out, but realized that with all the bandaging it would have been impossible to see anything. I do remember though that he had a hard time pissing for the first few days and he complained that it hurt. I also remember that the nurse who gave me a bed bath was really pretty and that I deliberately rolled back my foreskin before she washed me as I was a little bit embarrassed about it.

At 14 I went to boarding school where the dorm culture centered heavily around wanking and circumcision, with only the circs allowed to participate in circle jerks and to use the highly-valued commodity of Vaseline as lube. In order to be able to be a part of the scene, I seriously thought about the idea of getting circ’d while I was at home on school holidays. I told one of the cut guys that I knew I could trust about what I was thinking about doing. He ended up dissuading me, saying that all the kids would call me "axeman" or "chop boy" or some other name and that I would get teased even more. To this day I am not sure if I made the right decision.

Since that time I have worn my foreskin back most of the time and have even had a great deal of pleasure from the taping technique I got from this website. I can hold that skin back and bare fist it with the best of them. There have been times when I have considered self-circumcision but have not wanted to risk something going wrong or ending up with a less-than-perfect result.

Reed - Australia

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Flag of Canada   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Icon denoting 'Heterosexual'   An uncircumcised Canadian voices the anti-RIC opinion

I was left uncircumcised when I was born in the early 1960s, due to European immigrant parents who were strongly opposed even though the MD wanted to do it. In this part of Canada around 80% of boys were done at birth at that time. I certainly did feel odd in that I was different, but more so because I only discovered what circumcision was at around age 9 or 10. I thought most boys were born with a bare glans, and had no idea what was wrong with me, causing mine to be covered with skin. This is probably where I obtained my interest in circumcision.

For a long time I badly wanted to be circumcised and I fantasized about it frequently. I found that if I left the foreskin retracted until the glans dried, I could last longer while masturbating and the orgasm was prolonged, but the intensity was noticably less. At age 15I tried very hard for a month to keep my foreskin retracted all the time, but the skin just wouldn’t stay back. A few uncut boys did manage to keep it back all the time. Part of the problem was "adolescence, the 5 year erection"!  My penis more than doubles in length from flaccid to erect and that played havoc with keeping the skin back. Plus my shaft is thick and my glans is only slightly wider. Evenutually I gave up. Whenever I retracted my foreskin at this time of raging hormones I would get an instant erection, which would almost never go down for an incredibly long time unless I masturbated. I could however retract to urinate without an erection, as long the sensitive glans did not touch anything. I started to retract while urinating when I was around 8 or 9. At home, my foreskin would fill with urine due to a long overhang and I would use toilet paper to stop the drip into my underwear. I noticed none of the boys did that at school, using the urinal and then just shaking and zipping up quickly. But of course most of them were circumcised. I then realised if I retracted before I urinated I would stay clean and have been doing so ever since. Once I started masturbating at age 12, my foreskin rapidly shrank to its present length - right at the meatus while flaccid and just barely over the corona when erect. But it will manually retract fully behind the corona and stay there during intercourse.

I always wonder if my fascination with circumcision would have been less intense had I known what it is much earlier and if someone had told me to retract before voiding in advance of my starting school. My parents would never have done this as such topics were rarely discussed - and then only uncomfortably.

I never had any problems with my foreskin and remember in Kindergarten enjoying nap time because I got to lie on a blanket on the floor on my stomach. If I pressed my pelvis into the floor I could roll back the foreskin and get a very pleasurable erection. So I guess my foreskin must have retracted early and easily. I have never had any infections. I did get lots of smegma when in early adolescence, but that decreased considerably as I got into my middle and late teens, plus I began to wash daily rather than every other day. Now I never notice any powerful odour before my next shower. I guess different penises make different amounts of smegma, not unlike dry vs. oily vs. normal skin or hair.

My wife prefers the uncut penis and I have slowly over the years learned to accept my penis as it is. Most of my sensitivity is in the frenulum which is long and very thin, causing no pulling on the foreskin at all even during full erection. That, the fear of pain and the worry that I would lose frenular and maybe other sensetivity kept me from getting cut when I was younger. I guess now I’m settling into my mid 30s, and am more accepting of things as they are!

If I have a son, I would never circumcise him at birth, as I do believe the baby circ is much more traumatic than an adult circ as the foreskin must be torn from the glans to be separated; frequently too much skin is taken and mistakes do occur. I do beleive the health benefits espoused can be had with soap and water and not only a knife. My wife feels the same. However if a son would ever want it done later, I would ensure he has thought through the pros and cons carefully and we would fully support his desicion to be circumcised. Once an adult he can do with his body whatever he wants, including any sort of body modification, even if I do think some I have seen on some websites are completely extreme! But hey, everyone has self determination, no matter what others think. And that is why I could never take away his choice in such an important matter as his penis.

Remember Woody Allen as the court jester in "Everything you ever wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask"?
“Cut off my head? What? What? My head? That’s my second favorite organ!”
If he wants to be cut, go for it. If I do it for him, he can never make the reverse choice.

Jeff H. - Canada

Flag of Finland   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Circumcised after childhood (age not given)

I first learned to masturbate during a normal wash, for which I had to roll the foreskin back, of course. One day that rubbing of the bare glans suddenly started to feel strangely good and I got an erection. After a moment of rubbing the natural thing happened. That is how I had my first orgasm. For a long time, I thought soap was essential for masturbation. One’s foreskin was something clumsy that had to be kept out of the way.

The "foreskin masturbation technique" was something I learned later - but even then, if I really wanted to explode, I took liquid soap - or some better lubricant - grabbed my foreskin with one hand, held it back tightly and then used the other hand for jerking off. There is nothing like direct and continues stimulation of glans. I think it is obvious that circumcision greatly improves the functionality of the penis. The only possible use for a foreskin I can think of is that it makes masturbation without lubricants easier. But it feels so much better without one!

Antti - Finland

Flag of Germany   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Circumcised at age 20

I was born with a long and tight foreskin. Both my parents and the pediatrician were reluctant to have me circumcised. She reassured my parents that no operation would be necessary to resolve my phimosis, some stretching would do. I remember very painful encounters with that doctor at the age of 2-5 years, when she tried to retract the foreskin and break adhesions with a blunt probe (no anesthetic was used). After my parents had moved to another city, the problem was "forgotten. Being a little boy, I had no interest in more painful treatment and did not mention that I was still unable to retract my foreskin.

Nobody mentioned to me, however, that there was a simple solution for my problem. As a teenager, I saw other boys in the nude after sports and some of them were circumcised. I liked the way their penises looked, but still was afraid of the pain and embarrassment my own circumcision could cause. At the age of 16, I asked a boy from my class about his circumcision. He told me that he had been done at the age of 10 and that there was not much pain. He even let me know how to masturbate without a foreskin (just move the rest of the skin up and down the shaft; his shaft skin was not very tight, as I knew from the locker room).

As a university student (age 20), I had myself circumcised, and I was surprised that the procedure caused virtually no pain, but a lot of benefit (hygiene, sexual feelings, attraction). I am very happy to be circumcised, and I wished I had been cut as a newborn baby. Personally I always found a circumcised penis much more attractive than an uncut member and I recommend it to any boy or man.

Martin - Germany

Flag of Germany   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Circumcised at age 23

I was born and raised in Germany and was not circumcised; circumcision is not common here. My foreskin overhang length was nearly 2 cm by the time I was an adult. It was occasionally irritated and I had practically no feeling by using condoms because the glans was always covered by skin. Even in the erect position the glans was covered and too sensitive. My physician recommended to shorten the foreskin when I was 23. After a 15 minute operation and a short healing time, the result was not acceptable. The foreskin formed a girdle round the groove of the glans. So I decided for second operation. The new physician cut off the rest of the foreskin, including the frenulum. Now I’m very happy! No foreskin , no frenulum it makes a big difference. Much better sex, looks better, is more hygienic and my girl loves it. In Germany very few males are circumcised, so I would like to let my friends know about all the advantages.

Wolf - Germany

Flag of Germany   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Circumcised at age 28 - Third-party account

I had a good friend who was circumcised as an adult age 28. He had a very tight foreskin and could not retract it comfortably when erect. He had himself circumcised at a local hospital. He felt little pain and is very glad he had the circ done. He says he feels no loss of sensation and enjoys the way he looks, as do his sex partners.

Robert - Germany

Flag of Germany   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Still uncircumcised

My interest in circumcision goes back about 20 years. It is a topic which I used to find difficult to discuss and difficult to collect information about. I did not dare to speak about it with friends (some of whom were cut due to religion as they are Muslim) as I wanted to keep them as friends, not to irritate them and cause them to think that I am gay or silly. I have consulted numerous libraries, but what you get in the books is only when, why, how", perhaps a drawing and warnings when it should not be performed - and never a description of how it looks afterwards, how much should be left of the foreskin, sensitivity before and after, how to try out the circumcised state.

At the age of 8, I was sent to a surgeon by my family doctor to find out if I needed to be circ’ed. My foreskin could not be retracted, but did not seem to be too narrow. At that time I did not even know that it should normally be retractable. Somewhere in the neighbourhood was a boy, one year younger than me, who had been circumcised shortly before because of phimosis and an aunt of mine, good friends with the parents of this boy, arranged me to see what the surgeon had done to this boy’s foreskin. Oh! - it was a great shock for me to see his cut penis, looking completely different from mine. The glans was completely uncovered even in the soft state and the skin of the shaft was without any folds. As far as I remember, the boy told me that he had to be done twice. The first time a dorsal slit, as he had pulled his too-narrow foreskin behind the glans, causing a paraphimosis, and the second time removing the rest. He said that it had to be done, but would not have been really fun. I had never seen someone else’s dick before and also did not know how mine would look like with the foreskin retracted.

Some days later, I had to go to the surgeon (the same who had cut the other boy) in the hospital to find out what had to be done with my dick. I was really upset, fearing that I would also have to be cut twice. I still remember the cold, unfriendly room where I had to undress to my underwear and wait for the doctor.

He was one of the old school, avoiding pain killers or anything that may comfort you - a tough guy - but not really favouring circumcision. When the doctor was there, I also had to remove my shirt and lie down on a hard, cold surface. He pulled my underpants down to my feet and put on some vinyl gloves. He then pulled the foreskin forward and back as far as he could get it, causing the first pain as he did it really powerfully several times.

The next step was to introduce a sound into the urethra to find out if there was something wrong with it. He pushed the thick sound in up to the base of the penis. This was anything but fun and I remember crying, which the doctor ignored. He just said I should not be that sensitive and be a man. I was not sure at the time, but I now know that he had performed a meatotomy on me. Then he continued to pull the foreskin back as far as he could get it, which was really not far at that time. He found out that the foreskin was not too narrow, but there were adhesions between the skin and the glans. He asked the nurse for another sound, this time with something like a cutting edge, and started to remove these adhesions, holding the sound in one hand and retracting the foreskin with the other. This also was pretty painful; he still did not use any anesthesia. I remember that I really cried loud and started to writhe with pain, but all he did was threaten me and tell me I would never become a man.

When the procedure was over, he stated I did not need to be circumcised and applied a surgical dressing to my penis. Back at home I discovered that the whole glans was more or less bloody, and it did hurt some more days. Even peeing hurt as he had performed a meatotomy. Fortunately, once healed, the foreskin could be retracted, but it still seemed to be a little bit narrow. I was instructed to pull the foreskin back slowly when sitting in the bath tub.

Due to this childhood experience, I was very afraid that I would have to be fully circumcised that I sought out many opportunities to stretch it. It also was a good chance to masturbate. Over the years, the skin has become so wide that today there is no chance to wear the glans free like many uncut men do here in Germany (IE constantly retracted.) Though I do not really have problems with my dick today, I still want to become circumcised. I think my sensitivity of the glans is pretty high, as it never rubs in my underwear. During intercourse I really have to keep control not to be the first to climax. Though I pull the skin back when peeing, there is always a odour of urine under the foreskin, causing a somewhat "dirty" feeling.

Ulrich - Germany

Flag of Indonesia   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Icon denoting 'Homosexual'   Indonesian Chinese, still thinking about it.

I am Chinese born in Indonesia. I grew up in the Chinese culture so I didn’t know much about circumcision. When I was in elementary school, my friend told me that some boys have their penis cut. I didn’t believe what he said; it didn’t make sense. One day the television news reported a mass circumcision ceremony. I asked my father what circumcision was and my father explained that they cut 'just a little bit' of excess skin off the penis for religion reasons. Since we are not Moslem, I didn’t give further attention to circumcision at that time.

I have been keeping my foreskin retracted since I was 13 year old (I had my first ejaculation at 12). When I first retracted it, I was scared because I hadn’t seen my glans before. It was a little bit painful because after retracted I got hard-on and the foreskin would not roll back. After a while, my penis got flaccid and the foreskin could be rolled again. I promised to myself not to do it again. But after I went home from school, I was curious to do it again. I did it in the bathroom so I could wash it and avoid any bad smell. After that day, I washed it every bath time (Before that I only washed my penis from outside and no matter how hard I washed it, still had a bad smell).

While I was in university, I watched one circumcised guy urinating beside me; I was jealous because his penis looked better than mine. After that experience, I decided I would like to have my penis circumcised, but I didn’t have guts to do it because I had not been to the doctor since my childhood. But as I have always tried to keep by glans bared, I felt ready to be circumcised. Unfortunately, to keep my skin rolled back, I need good, tight, elastic underwear to hold my penis tight against my abdomen so the foreskin stays in place behind the glans.

Now I’m a grown up and want to have my foreskin removed. But my boyfriend does not want me to be circumcised as he is afraid my penis may not work properly afterward if something goes wrong. (I’m gay!) So I’m still keep my foreskin held by my underwear.

Herman - Indonesia

Flag of Singapore   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Icon denoting 'Heterosexual'Circumcised at age 28

Hi. My name’s Tony and I was circumcised when I was 28, at my own request. I was born and live in Singapore and I am a Buddhist. My circumcision is moderately tight and the scar is about ¼ inch below the ridge of the glans. I have still a little frenulum left to provide great sexual pleasure.

I am absolutely happy with my circumcision and I find that it is much cleaner. No more problems of pubic hair getting caught in between the former foreskin and glans. My penis has a better appearance as the glans is much thicker due to the fact that it is not constricted by the foreskin. I experiencing a different sexual feeling with longer sexual pleasures. Due to the thicker glans it appears to me that my penis shows better in tight clothing and look more appealing because there is no longer any wrinkled foreskin hanging over the glans. I did experience the presence of smegma, as redness and uncomfortable feeling. My penis now stays cleaner because there is no more urine accumulating between the foreskin and the glans.

I love the circumcised look of my penis and when I masturbate, it’s larger and there is no skin to restrict my erection. I personally experience less itch. The pleasures of sexual intercourse take a longer time and there are no more premature ejaculations.

I procrastinated to long - for almost 6 years - because of fear of pain and lack of knowledge of the benefits. In looking back over the ten years of my circumcised state, I feel that I should have done it earlier. However, cost and lack of opportunity delayed my circumcision.

Eventually I went to a urologist and expressed my desire to be circumcised. He explained the procedure and the changes that would result from being circumcised. He pointed out that, due to the glans being exposed over time, it would lose sensitivity and develop a think dry skin. I went in the morning for surgery and was prep’ed for surgery. I underwent general anesthesia and at that time I was not well versed with the procedure of circumcision.

I do recall when the anesthesia took effect shortly after the mask was place over my face. I work up with a slight hangover feeling. Nurse reassured me that the surgery went well. The first thing I did was to look at my new state. My penis was not erect and it was bundled up in thick dressing of gauze. I noticed blood round the gauze.

When the last of the anesthesia wore off, I felt the soreness round my penis area. I was wheeled out in a wheel chair that same day. Pain killers were prescribed but I did not consume any. For the first few days I was sore around the stitched area and my consciousness of the pain (more during erections) did not help at all.

After about two weeks, the stitches had done their job and I tried masturbating, having been deprived of it since the surgery. It was a new experience and the anxiety caused me to take a longer time to attain orgasm. I did not used lubricant then because I did not realized that a circumcised state requires it.

The soreness lessened; removal of wet gauge was most challenging and caused excruciating pain because of the raw wound. In time my glans gradually lost its softness and showed signs of dryness. At that point I was wondering whether I did the right thing. I was fearful of loosing the joy of my sexual pleasures as my new state was a new adventure. I noticed heavy secretion of natural lubricant coming out from the meatus.

Over the years the feeling around the surgery area gradually changed. I used to masturbate without lubricant prior to my circumcised state. I read in a book that it is best to use lubricant like abolene and lots of it. Today, I masturbate with massive amounts of lubricant and stimulate my entire shaft as well as the glans. I find that due to this exercise in masturbation, my glans has thickened considerably. I am truly proud of the increase in size due to my circumcision ten years ago. I now can masturbate with no soreness which I used to have when uncircumcised.

My scar line is still there but gradually blending in with the tissue around my shaft. After careful observation, I realized the the urologist removed a great deal of my foreskin. I am very happy he did as my penis is always tight in appearance whether it is flaccid or erect. When it is flaccid, there is hardly any bunching up of skin the skin. I noticed that he left my frenulum intact as I still have the web tissue. However, being constantly exposed I feel my frenulum has lost much of its sensitivity likewise with my thickened glans. I have seen penises where circumcision was done in infantcy and the frenulum totally removed. Now I would have preferred that the urologist had removed my entire frenulum because it has a cleaner look. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the appearance of my circumcised penis. I am glad I made the decision of being circumcised and thought I did as an adult, I had the privilege of experiencing in both forms.

After experiencing both states of uncut and cut, I have to admit that the there is lost in sensitivity on the glans area, although for me this was good as I was overly sensitive before. I have to agreed that due to this, I now enjoy a different sexual experience that is longer, together with a better looking penis. If I have sons, I definitely will have them circumcised either at birth or just after puberty. My father was circumcised and during my younger days I was confused, not understanding why his penis had a huge head and mine had not. We did not discuss this issue. Now I am proud to be just like my old man and I feel that he should have shared this knowledge with me when I was in puberty. Now I look at my circumcised state and I tell myself ‘Dad, mine looks just like yours’.

Now I can have sexual intercourse with greater pleasure and multiple times with no soreness and burning sensations. My penis is many times cleaner with no redness, bleeding or smegma. My masturbation experiences can last for more than an hour with multiple orgasms. With the aid of lubricant, there is no limit. I am truly proud of my state and would not hesitate to share the benefits of being circumcised. My interest in circumcision is with a passion and I strongly encourage adults who had circumcision done like myself to play a bigger role. Let’s share our great circumcised state globally; we need to unite and voice louder.

Tony - Singapore.

Flag   Icon   Icon   All alone uncut.

My parents did not circumcise me as an infant. I am not sure why and I have never asked them; maybe I was born after the “cut off” time when they stopped routine circumcision in our country.

I was the youngest of my circle of friends and was basically the only one who was not circumcised. Apart from a few minor digs over the years I was not teased about it, but it always weighed on me that I was different from the others. I felt that they were cool and I was not and I could not stand the look of my penis with its elephant trunk appearance. I used to go to great lengths not to let anyone see it, dreading the day when a girl would have to look at it.

Being uncircumcised made my penis look longer than my peers’ and, can you believe it, I was embarrassed by this and wanted to have a smaller penis! How one’s views change as one grows older.

I remember once standing poised in the bathroom with a pair of scissors daring myself to give it the snip. Thankfully sanity prevailed as I have since read of all the problems that can arise from a bad circumcision.

By about 14 I started wearing my foreskin in the retracted position and soon my glans and head became less sensitive to the rubbing of my underwear. I desperately wanted to be circumcised and would dare myself to speak to my parents about it but I was too embarrassed and never plucked up the courage. So I made do with what I had until I got a girlfriend then got married.

Looking back, sex was not exceptionally great with a foreskin. I was rather sensitive and came a bit sooner than I would have liked. It felt like was humping myself as the foreskin slid up and down the shaft totally blocking out the feel of the vagina. I used to get a bad smell after intercourse if I did not wash promptly afterwards.

My wife was not too stressed about the whole thing and said she was happy with whichever way I wanted it.

A couple of months after we married I plucked up the courage to talk to our local doctor and find out how much circumcision would all cost etc.. I was booked into the hospital and I took some days off work as I was having a generally anesthetic which leaves you a bit weak and aching afterwards.

I was rather nervous and nearly fainted as they wheeled me in to the operating theater. I could not really believe that I was finally going through with the whole thing. A shot In the arm and I was out, coming round with a pervert nurse asking if she could see the doctor’s handy work. In my half-asleep state I permitted her to look under covers, then I must have passed out for a while. I came to in my bed with a fairly fierce pain down around my balls. After a shot of pain killer and a sleep I was up and about, going home later that afternoon.

There was a sort of band around my penis with some bandage to keep the stitches in place which bothered me somewhat. I was not in any real pain at this stage apart from the after-effects of the anesthetic. The problems came when I got an erection; the stitches pulled in the skin which hurt like hell and left a lingering pain afterwards.

After about a week I took the band off and regretted it as the stitches pushed against my underwear and gave me hell so I could hardly walk. This was embarrassing as I was back at work by this time.

After another week or so the stitches desolved and was looking at my new streamlined penis. Gone was the floppy hood which made my penis look like an anteater! The skin was not as tight as I would have liked it, leaving a small amount of skin that pushes up against the glans and sometime comes a millimetre or two over the rim.

When my penis stood erect there was a pink area at the top and then a band of thicker skin where the stitches had been and then the colour returned to the normal outside colour of the shaft.

Sex was really great now; I felt more confident with my new sexy prick and enjoyed the new sensation of the head of my penis sliding on the walls of my wife’s vagina. I could last much longer now as there was a slight loss in sensitivity; this suited me fine. It was nothing like as great a change as some guys moan about on the web. I would never have it any other way now and have just one regret about the whole procedure: I should have read up more about the different styles of circumcision and selected a slightly tighter cut.

This is not exactly a riveting story but it is a part of my life history. I have never previously told anyone that I had it done but I think some of them have guessed as much. They let slip every now and then with a comment but I am a very private person and have not hinted about anything.

Remember boys and girls, a man’s penis is a big part of his life. Make sure you are happy with it. Don’t do anything silly and alter it unless you are absolutely sure it is what you want. But as one of the few people who has had intercourse both with and without a foreskin, I would highly recommend going for the cut.

Anonymous - South Africa

Flag   Icon   Confused! Am I Jewish?

Link to separate page relating the experience of a boy circumcised pre-puberty:  Was I Jewish?

Flag of the UK   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Circumcised after puberty

My own foreskin was quite long as a young boy - a definite bunch at the end but not enough to hang down. However I didn’t wait till 14 to skin it back - I made a determined attempt at age 10 or 11, before puberty started. There was no risk of paraphimosis - the first time I forced it back I promptly got hard and my skin forced itself forward again! Of course having once got it back I kept at it and soon it would retract easily hard or soft.

I suspect it may be because my skin was easily retractable before puberty that it didn’t grow in proportion when my cock got bigger. I went from having quite a long foreskin to having quite a short one. Some of my other friends with long but easily retractable foreskins as little boys went through just the same transition - in some the contrast was even more dramatic than mine, from a really long bunch in front to a more or less bare knob. (I don’t mean that they wore their skin back - I mean there wasn’t enough to cover). In contrast, a couple of friends who couldn’t retract before puberty still had a 'rosebud' of almost equal size (when soft, of course) afterwards.

My hypothesis: that if you go through puberty with a foreskin that won’t retract easily, the constant stretching (particularly from the very frequent erections of that age) makes it grow about as much as the rest of the penis, whereas if it’s easily retractable and full or partial erections just strip it back, it doesn’t grow much at all. Finally, after being circumcised, I felt much more normal and my sex life improved.

John - UK

Flag of the UK   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Icon denoting 'Heterosexual'Circumcised at age 32

I was born in the UK in 1954. For as long as I can remember, my foreskin was thick and loose, covering my glans with a small amount of overhang. I could always fully retract it without problems. When I reached puberty, smegma production started in a big way and being very conscious of the very pungent smell, I was sometimes quite embarrassed. You see, with a very loose foreskin, the smell could easily get out and air could easily get in meaning that the bacteria causing the smell could increase very quickly. I had to wash at least two or three times a day, just to keep it acceptable. My foreskin, being so loose, could ride back and forth and trap hairs and during sexual intercourse it was like having sex with yourself, as the glans just moved back and forth inside the sleeve of skin.

I accepted my status as being normal until I contracted an infection when I was 32 and was advised that the only permanent cure was circumcision. These matters are very personal, and it was highly embarrassing for me to have to explain my problem to a Doctor in the first place, so the thought of recurrent problems were enough for me to seek a private surgeon to rid me of the problem once and for all. I did not have the wealth of information to hand that there is now about all the different types of op etc. and did not discuss the outcome with the surgeon, but after all had healed up, I was not happy with the state I had been left in. The circ was very loose and I still had about a third of my foreskin left which could cover my glans, which meant that I still had my smegma problem. To add to this, there was more skin on the left side than the right, which was quite noticable and made me very coy in changing rooms, for the fear that my lopsided skin would be spotted. I therefore decided that having gone thus far, I would find another surgeon who would sort it out for me (I did not want to trust the first one again!). This I did and was circumcised for a second time. I discussed my problems with the surgeon and he made a very good job of it. I am very happy with the result - it is cosmetically good, my smegma problem has gone completely and it’s propensity to give me pleasure is much greater than when I had a foreskin.

I now have a fairly tight circ, with an uneven scarline about 1.5 cms from the corona, and no frenulum. When erect, I cannot pull any of the remaining foreskin over my glans, but I still have movement in the shaftskin. When flacid, there is a small amount of bunching behind the corona and because sometimes I shrink a lot, the shaftskin actually covers the corona giving the exact "acorn" effect - as when it is very cold or I have been sitting for a long time. It is actually uncomfortable when this happens, because it tends to get slightly moist again - I much prefer it to be dry and smooth and am very happy being circumcised. In my case, I have benefitted hugely from the operation, so much so that I wish I had been done as a child.

I knew what a circumcised penis looked like from a very early age, as my Father is circumcised, but to start with I did not know that his penis had been surgically altered. In my childlike naïvety, I thought that when I grew up my glans would protrude from my foreskin just like Dad’s. So I looked forward to the day when mine would be like his. We never discussed sexual matters at home and it wasn’t until I went to Senior school at eleven years of age (where we had communal open-plan changing rooms) that I saw another boy with a miniature version of Dad’s penis.

That’s when my curiosity and interest in circumcision really began. Out of about sixty boys in my group, only four were circumcised. We did not discuss such things in those days, so I do not know the reasons for two of them, the third was born in India, the son of a Military Father and the fourth, who became a friend, told me one day that he had been done due to an infected foreskin when he was 6. This came up in the middle of a conversation about all the things he had been into Hospital for, so I did not question him further. There was never any ribbing of the circumcised lads at school.

Now I realized that I was uncircumcised and accepted the fact, although I still wished then that I had been done so as to be like Dad and those other four lads. It never occurred to me that one day I would be. As a matter of interest, no-one in my group had a circumcision during our five years of communal showers, but a few years later, an old school chum came up to me in a pub to say hello. During our brief conversation he said that the following week he had to go into hospital to be circumcised, as he had split his foreskin during his first sexual encounter. I remembered that he had a long tight foreskin and was not surprised at the news. He seemed quite unconcerned and I wished him well, then said "well they say it is better for you anyway", to which he agreed. I must admit that I felt a slight envy at the time.

Many years later, but mainly after I too was circumcised, have I taken a stronger interest in the subject and have read many articles in books and on the Internet. If anyone ever broached the topic with me now, I could certainly keep up a conversation about it for ages, not that anyone has as yet!

Anthony - UK.

Flag of the UK   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Icon denoting 'Heterosexual'Circumcised as an adult, son cut at age 5.

I would like to write and express the joy and liberation I too feel about being circumcised. It is a beautifying operation, cosmetic surgery at its best. It’s more comfortable, sex is better and it is so much nicer for your partner. It beats me how any woman consents to sex with a man who still has his foreskin. So it follows that you would expect women to have their male offspring circumcised for the sake of the next generation of females, but then you hit a problem. These males will never have the chance of experiencing the joy of getting circumcised, though hopefully they will be content with their circumcised status once their mothers tell them about what was done to them and hy.

I, for one, wish it had been done to me as a baby - even though not being done in infancy allowed me to choose for myself. Had I been circumcised as a baby, I would have been a member of a slightly more exclusive club as a kid. Still, better late than never.

I completely support the ‘locker room argument’: were I in the US I would have my son done straight away. But today, in England, I don’t think I would, because he might be self-conscious being different. But I would encourage him to have it done, if he wanted it. In fact, we didn’t have our son, born in 1982, done for that reason. But aged five he had to have it done anyway for phimosis and is not self conscious as far as I know, although it’s not something we’ve talked about.

Anonymous - UK

Flag of the UK   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Circumcised as an adult

Those of us who have had it done as adults can confirm that getting circumcised is the most liberating, fulfilling, satisfying thing you will ever do. The tightness is so good and you get a much nicer sensation on the out-stroke because the corona is stimulated by friction instead of just being covered back over by a slack foreskin. And seeing your own permanently-exposed glans with the scar behind it is a thrill every time you pee. It is a complete myth that it hurts. It aches a bit to begin with and you’ll definitely be aware of it. But there is none of the excruciating pain that myth and folklore would have you believe.

Simon - UK

Flag of the UK   Icon denoting 'Adult'   The British viewpoint

I’m still not certain where my obsession came from, but I have a vague memory of another boy in kindergarten school coming back after he’d been done and it to showing me. Plus my Dad and all my relations were circumcised, so I think I felt left out.

To anyone thinking of having the operation, it does take a bit of courage to get yourself circumcised; you wonder if you’ll be self-conscious and unable to get it up and you worry about losing sensation. However if you’ve always had the longing, then you won’t be disappointed. Having yourself circumcised is a liberating experience and an incredibly satisfying achievement. You’ll be very proud of your new cock and you’ll actually feel more, not less, confident with girls. You’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. You lose very little in the way of sensation because the new tightness more than compensates. Both masturbation and sex become much more immediate because of the tightness.

Foreskins are fine for babies, but I’m convinced that Someone put them there to be cut off sometime before true manhood is attained. What’s more, it is womanhood who has to suffer foreskins, so it is womanhood from where the pressure to circumcise needs to come. It is the mothers who understand this that take the trouble to circumcise their babies, despite an increasingly unhelpful medical profession at least outside the States.

Anonymous - UK

Flag of the USA   Icon denoting 'Boy'   Circumcised at age 7

I am circumcised tight; it was performed when I was 7 years of age. It happened when I went to the doctor for a physical exam. The female doctor noticed that I had a little bit of red on the tip of my foreskin and my frenulum was tight. She called another doctor in to look at it. They then doctor talked to my parents, recommending circumcision with removal of all foreskin and frenulum. My parents agreed and a date was set, but I still knew nothing about what was to happen.

A couple of days later I was taken back to the hospital. The doctor gave me a medication and said it would make me go to sleep. I didn’t ask any questions. I just took it and fell asleep; about 2 hours later when I awoke I was in a hospital bed. My penis felt kinda weird like it hurt around the edges. I still was unaware that I had just been circumcised. I only figured it out was when the nurse came in and changed the bandages, whereupon I noticed that I had no foreskin.

For the first couple of weeks I was confused, having no idea what had happened or why. I didn’t mind the skin being gone although it felt weird to have no foreskin to cover my penis in my underwear. It was very sensitive until I told my mother who changed me to a different style of underwear. Then I started to like the feeling of having no moist foreskin covering my penis.

I didn’t fully understand what a great thing my parents had done to me until I got into 9th grade. I was on a date and my girlfriend and I got to talking about sex and how a guy’s penis could be circumcised or uncircumcised. After about 10 minutes of discussion, she asked if I was circumcised. I told her I was circumcised when I was 7 and she said she wanted to see it. So, as I was no longer embarrassed about having a foreskin as I had been before I was circumcised, I showed her. She was amazed and said that only one of her four younger brothers was circumcised and that she liked mine a lot. So from that point on I really started to like it and frequently told my dates how I had been circumcised when I was younger. It almost always resulted in the girl wanting to see it and closely examine the scar.

Now that I am a adult I think back about what it was liked to be uncircumcised. It is like having a bad dream. I love feeling my penis head rubbing against my underwear. And the women I have been with seem to like it more than they like uncircumcised men. They say cut cocks are much better for blowjobs and the bare glans provides more stimulation during intercourse. So, when I do have a child I will wait until he is 5-7 and ask him if he wants a circumcision because if he is circumcised at birth he will most likely not be tightly cut and I think that being tightly cut is very important.

Dustin - USA

Flag of the USA   Icon denoting 'Teenager'   Circumcised at age 14

Since none of the website contributors seem to have mentioned the type of freehand circumcision that was performed on me, I offer you this outline for your consideration. I call it a freehand lap joint, as opposed to the more common butt joint. My cut was a lot simpler than some of those shown in the web site, closer to the African tribes technique, but it worked out fine and pain free.

In my Fifth grade nude YMCA summer learn-to-swim class, it seemed like 90% of the boys had been circumcised. All of my friends had also been circumcised. I always felt like I was hiding something behind my foreskin and wished I looked like the other boys. In junior high gym class, I developed the technique of reaching inside my pants and quickly retracting the foreskin before we got undressed for showers. Since my penis would promptly grow some in size when the foreskin was retracted, I could take a shower and get dressed while looking like all the other guys. Of course it would slide forward and re-cover the glans when I went to my next class and sat down.

Finally got up enough courage to ask my parents to be circumcised during the summer when I was 14. Our local small-town family doctor said he would remove my foreskin, but at nearby hospital. No options were presented to me, which was fine – I just wanted to get rid of it. A male nurse shaved me prior to the operation. Waking up from the general anesthesia after the circumcision, I was heavy bandaged and in an erect state but felt no pain. The second day the male nurse returned to change the dressing and I got my first look at the new me. Of course I was erect when he cut away the bandages and exposed the glans to the air. The first thing I noticed was that I could clearly see the raw cut edge of the remaining outer skin, also that there was a double layer of skin from the visible cut back down the shaft about half and inch or so. There were only four stitches used, spaced at about ninety degrees around the circumference. The stitches were not at the visible cut line, but back slightly from it. From this, I deduced that he had first fully retracted the foreskin and made a circumferential freehand cut around the inner foreskin, about one and a half inches back from the corona. He then pulled the remaining foreskin forward and removed that about three quarters of an inch behind the corona. He clipped the outer skin, staying parallel to the corona such that more outer remaining foreskin was left on the bottom side, where it actually comes to a point in line with the frenulum. So the double thickness is where the remaining inner foreskin laid under the outer foreskin. Apparently, the few stitches made held the two parts together, along with the heavy bandaging, which was very tight and not moveable. No sign of any gaps at the cut surface. When the second bandage was removed a week later, the cut surface did not look so red and most of the discoloring beneath the skin was gone. The Doctor removed the few stitches made in his office and the two parts of the remaining inner and outer foreskin had bonded together. I never felt any discomfort or pain as a result of this method and the healing was very rapid!  Slowly, over the next year the double thickness area disappeared and the inner and remaining outer skin became all one surface. Since I do grow a lot between flaccid and erect states, this “lapping of the two parts” technique may have been a way for him to gauge how much skin to leave, perhaps being sure to get me to an erect state before installing the stitches and locking the lapped pieces together. The remaining skin is quite pleasantly tight when erect, but folds up when I am flaccid.

Naturally, a week and a half after my circumcision, I was free to study the “new me”. I found it interesting that, on my first erection after all bandages were removed, the tingling feeling travelled in a wave from the tip of my glans down to the corona – which is how it always felt the prior two years when I masturbated by simply rolling the foreskin back and forth over the glans. Now there was no foreskin, but the glans seemed to remember that sensation. However, after a few more sessions, the glans learned to get fully involved all at once when stimulated and the old travelling wave sensation disappeared.


Flag of the USA   Icon denoting 'Teenager'   Icon denoting 'Heterosexual'Circumcised at age 16

I became interested in circumcision at a very young age. I was born in the USA in 1978 and was not circumcised. My parents had become "enlightened" by the anti-circ crowd.

My dad was circumcised but my younger brother and I were not. I was always upset because I wanted to look just like my father and everyone else. I still, to this day, have never seen a foreskin apart from my brother’s and mine. As a child and teenager, I always felt very uncomfortable about having a foreskin. I was constantly being teased by other boys and men in club locker rooms. Things got even worse when I went to high school. I was the laughing stock of the entire gym class when we showered and dressed. I was the only one with a foreskin. I hated it.

I almost never got head and sex was hard to find because of my foreskin, which gave off an intolerable stench, despite the fact that I washed it at least twice a day. On one of the few occasions when I could persuade a girl to look beyond my foreskin and give me head anyway, my foreskin was ripped and torn on her braces, which never happens now that I am sans my foreskin. My foreskin was removed when I was 16 becuase I was just so annoyed, irritated and embarrased by it. I am so happy I got it done.

My younger brother is soon to be circumcised, having seen how well mine turned out. I love my circumcised penis. I have absolutely no problem getting head or having sex with girls now, in fact, I have had to turn a few down after my circ. I strongly recommend parents seriously consider the disadvantages (both physical and emotional) to leaving their sons uncircumcised. Both my brother and I will definitely circumcise any sons of ours.

Paul - USA.

Flag of the USA   Icon denoting 'Teenager'   Circumcised as a teenage schoolboy

Be careful What you Wish For!  As a teen boy, I wanted to be circumcised and I started the ball rolling during a routine checkup by telling my doctor that my foreskin was kinda tight sometimes.

Almost immediately he suggested circumcision, telling my mother without even looking at my penis. He gave me (that is to say, my mother) a referral to a urologist. At that point I got kind of panicked and tried to delay but they sort of forced me to go through with it. I got circumcised the day before Christmas vacation. Only 2 friends, 1 male and 1 female knew in advance. With the vacation and a doctors excuse to skip gym for a week, it was a month after surgery that I first showed it in the locker room. No one said anything at the time but several guys asked me about it at other times and they were very supportive and I never got teased about getting cut. Previously I had been teased about being uncut a few times and girls were also opposed to foreskins.

Anonymous - USA.

Flag of the USA   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Circumcised at age 19

I had no problems with my uncut status until I entered school; back then I thought every boy had a long piece of skin hanging from the tip of their penis. I soon realized that my penis as well as my father’s penis was not the norm.

I can remember several instances in the bathroom where all the cut boys showed off how far they could pee with their streamlined cocks. I always wanted to join in, but I was too embarrassed to display my special package. At the age of 6, I became fascinated with the "other pee pees", the ones that were bald. I never told my parents I wanted to have my penis look like everyone else’s, I was too scared to ask my father, and I was too embarrassed to ask my mother.

When I was 14, I moved to a new town and became friends with a guy named Tod, who lived down the street. We were both the same age and we had alot in common, we loved talking about cars, sports and sex. A couple of months after meeting I slept over Tod’s house and realized that we had more in common then just sports, I noticed that he was uncut like me. It took a couple of sleepovers before I got enough courage to ask him how he felt about being uncut. I told him that I was uncut and I wanted to know if he ever wanted to get cut. I waited for what seemed like several minutes before he responded, with a big smile and wide eyes he said yes!

Apparently Tod had asked his parents if he could get cut, but they told him he had to wait until he was 18 and he had to pay for it himself. Tod waited until he was 18 and managed to get his father to pay for it. After seeing Tod’s new look, I decided to get cut a year later by the same doctor.

Tod and I are both 26 and happy with the decisions we have made.

Jake - USA

Flag of the USA   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Icon denoting 'Heterosexual'Circumcised at university along with Fellow Football Players (Age: 19)

I was born at home in Kirkland WA (near Seattle), rather a rural area in late 1933, and was not circumcised although a few of my friends in school were. Many people moved here during WW2 and afterwards from outside the area, probably where they were done. Although the uncut were in the majority I always desired to have it done. I didn’t have a problem, I just thought it looked better. My friends that were cut said they liked it, I did resolve to have it done sometime in the future. That had to wait for a few years however.

In 1950, after graduating from High School at age 16, I enrolled in the University of Washington and got a job keeping statistics for the sport department to help pay for my tuition. As a bonus I got a good parking spot on campus. I lived at home and drove to classes every day. My parking place was by the back door of the Hec Edmundison Pavilion where I worked.

This put me right in the locker room with the football and basketball players when we all showered together after the practices and the games. Most of them were circumcised, about 65% - this was between 1950 and 1954. In High School it was about 40% but as I said Kirkalnd was rather rural in the 30s with one doctor doing most of the deliveries and he did not do circumcisions. Of my 7 cousins, 2 my age and the rest younger, 5 born in Seattle and 2 in California, all were circ’d before they left the hospital.

The locker room and an infirmary at the U of W is located in the Hec Edmundson Pavilion. There is a tunnel under an access road and the grandstand for the football players to go onto the field. The basketball players go up a flight of steps to the court. The infirmary is equipped to handle all but the most serious injuries encountered on the basketball court or football field.

In 1953, when I was 19, one of the three uncut Native American football players on the team developed a problem and the young team doctor about 30 years old, who was circ’d, suggested he needed to be circumcised. The doctor was there to mainly take care of muscle sprains and other sport related injuries but he had been doing circumcisions for three or four years before on his job there. Immediately the other two Native American players also wanted to have it done; it was a group identity macho thing for them. So did I, but I always had wanted it done and this was an opportunity, not macho for me. One of the assistant coaches who was really in charge most of the time, also circ’d, thought it a good idea because it would lessen practice time off from foreskin problems, and always gave verbal permission to go ahead. We didn’t even have a release form to fill out. I was under 21 and at that time theoretically needed parent permission so I didn’t need to get a signature. It wasn’t going to cost anything and it would be done right there in the infirmary. So I was circumcised with a local along with the three football players. Several of the football players, probably fraternity brothers, watched through the infirmary room window at their fellow footbal players cheering them on. They didn’t care about me. They wanted to see how macho this was going to be. I am sure this cheering section was the norm because this doctor had been doing circ’s ever since he started working there on a regular basis. Not really paying that much attention before, I believe I saw a freshly done one from time to time after I first started working there in October of 1950.

It was a Friday afternoon, I was first and only felt the needle which stung like crazy, after that, I felt nothing. It was done without a clamp, was over before I knew it and I was back in school after the weekend. The football players wanted it done without a local because of the macho thing but the doctor said, no, they would have a local. The whole thing seemed to take about an hour and a half for all four of us. It probably took longer but that was 53 years ago and my memory has grown dim. Strangely I can remember what they all looked like and their faces but I cannot recall any names. I never told my parents about this, they never knew or found out. The only relatives of mine who ever knew was one cousin who saw my circ when we went swimming together nude one day in Lake Washington near the Juanita Golf Course the next summer. As I recall, I wanted to show off my new look to him. The other was one of my grandfathers who saw me on a car trip we took together about a year later.

I had to work on the roof of my family home to replace a broken shingle the day the stitches came out and that was a bit uncomfortable, the only discomfort I actually had the whole time. I have been so grateful every since, it is so much nicer. The skin ended up being rather loose but now in my 70s although I would like it tighter, at my age I will probably just leave it be. Although I didn’t watch through the window, the next month, three more football players, one white, two black, were circ’d in the infirmary, and four rookies at the beginning of 1954. The young team doctor was an advocate of circumcision and I think several of the basketball players were done but I did not spend as much time on the basketball side of my job so don’t know for sure. I was out of the U of W in the middle of 1954 so I don’t know how long this doctor stayed on but I am sure he continued cutting there with the basketball and football players as often as he deemed it necessary until he moved on to another job.

Had I know better, he could have done it 3 years sooner. Looking back 53 years, would I do it again? Absolutely! It is one of the best things I ever did. If anyone is hesitating about this, go do it now, you will never be sorry.

Franz Rosín - USA

Flag of the USA   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Circumcised at college age

I was born in 1968 in the USA. When I was a kid my tight foreskin got stuck in the retracted position a couple of times, once resulting in a trip to the doctor to get it pulled forward (very embarrassing!). In college my room mate was circumcised and we talked a lot about it. I finally decided to have it done one Christmas break. It was done on an out-patient basis and under a local anesthetic. Really not much pain and the recovery was OK as well. However, some stitch tunnels were left. I’ve never wanted to go to the hassle of getting them re-cut. As far as "utility" goes, my new dick works fine. I do miss the ability to jack off by rolling it between my two palms and letting the skin rub the head underneath -- that was really great! However, the irritations and frequent soreness I had with my foreskin are no longer a problem.

Steve - USA

Flag of the USA   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Circumcised at college age

I always wanted to have my penis circumcised due to the fact that all of my friends as well as a good majority of my male relatives are circumcised. I had some problems with my foreskin such as tightness, odor and a lot of smegma. My decision to have the circumcision was easy; after living in the dorms during my first year of college and seeing all the cut cocks in the shower I knew that my foreskin had to go. If I didn’t do it during the summer after my first year of college I would never do it. I set up a consultation with a Urologist recommended by my GP. He examined my foreskin, pulling it back and forth and then suggested that getting cut would be a wise decision. He told me that he had performed many circumcisions on adult men and that my job would be easy.

So two days later I was in the hospital getting circ’d. A general anaesthetic was used so I couldn’t see what the Doc was doing. I woke up 2 hours later anxious to see the result; there was a huge bandage and blood stains. I thought I was cut tight. However, when the nurse came in to change the bandage I noticed that a lot of skin was left. My sutures were directly under the rim of my glans, however all of my frenulum was removed (surprising considering the amount of skin left). I am pleased to be cut, but I still would like to have things tightened up.

Jake - USA

Flag of the USA   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Icon denoting 'Heterosexual'Circumcised at age 20

I grew up as a first generation American, my parents were from Yugoslavia. They of course didn’t have me circumcised and I grew up feeling very awkward and ashamed of my uncut penis. I had a healthy foreskin, never had a physical problem, just a very bad self image of my body. I dated a girl when I was a freshmen in high school and we would always "fool around" in the dark because I did not want her to see my uncut penis. She would use her hand on me, all that did was make the skin go up over the head and back, with no real sense of pleasure. I could not talk with her about it because of shyness and fear she might get really turned off by the sight of it. We broke up and because of my uncut status I chose not to date for years. Shortly thereafter I approached my parents about getting circumcised, but it was refused as ‘unnecessary and done only for religious reasons’.

My parents and I don’t get along much these days and I still find I am upset with them for not having me circumcised, either at birth or when I requested it. At 20 I scheduled a appointment and proceeded to get cut. Following the surgery I awoke to the feeling of "finally it is done".  I’m much happier now and have a healthy sex life.


Flag of the USA   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Icon denoting 'Heterosexual'Circumcised in his early 20s

For as long as I could remember I hated having a foreskin and admired the penises of my circumcised friends.

As a small child, another uncut friend and I used to ‘circumcise’ each other by pretending to be doctors. We would lie on the bed and take turns in pulling each others’ foreskin right back. We called this ‘dick skin pullbacks’ and thought it was too late for us to be circumcised. We also tried, in vain, to keep our foreskins back with rubber bands. By the way, my father was circumcised, but my grandfather, my brothers, most sons of family friends and all my male cousins were not. I went to a primary school with many Greek and Italian kids, none of whom were cut. Most of Australian kids were circumcised, which made me feel left out and even more resentful of my foreskin. My fascination with the subject grew. When I reached puberty I fooled around a few times with a circumcised friend who had a fantastic, sleek penis that I was immensely jealous of. I wanted to have one just like him. Around this time I again tried to keep my foreskin back with rubber bands, super glue and tape. Nothing worked.

I also realised, to my joy, that the foreskin could be pulled back when I masturbated. God only knows why I hadn’t thought of this earlier. What a revelation!

When I started to have girlfriends I hated them seeing my penis. I thought the foreskin was ugly (although, as far as foreskins go, mine wasn’t that bad). A couple of them had had guys with cut cocks before and told me they liked that better.

I also hated the feeling of my foreskin rolling around inside girls. With one of my girlfriends, there was a ‘click’ each time I withdrew. I always used to pull back my foreskin when I went to the toilet and like to keep it pulled back. Invariably, though, it would roll back over theglans, catching pubic hair on the way. Very uncomfortable.

In my early 20s, I made a device to keep my foreskin back during sex. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. At the time I was going out with a girl who had no strong feelings about circumcision one way or the other. It was then that I took the plunge and went to see a doctor, who referred me to a specialist who did the operation about a month later. I was having sex within about five weeks and couldn’t believe how different it was. Instead of feeling the skin, I could feel my girlfriend’s vagina enveloping my penis right to the base, a feeling that was totally new to me. She says she didn’t really notice the difference, but also said she could feel the head of my penis more.

It was, and still is, amazing seeing the bare head of my penis every time I went to the toilet, showered or masturbated; it was a sight I thought I would never see.

My current girlfriend found out by chance (in my presence, very embarrassing) from another friend that I was not cut as an infant. I already knew she hated foreskins, and she said what a great thing it was that I had had myself circumcised. She says she might not have started going out with me if I had a foreskin.

Most of my female friends and all my gay male friends love cut penises and passionately hate foreskins.


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I just turned 70 and will soon celebrate the 45th anniversary of my circumcision. I finally went through with it at age 25 in 1961.

I was born in a medium sized deep south city in 1936. Many boys my age were not circ’d. At my high school, I estimate the circ rate was less than 50%. In my fraternity in college and in my PE classes, the rate among southerners was about 50%, but boys from northern states, mostly in the naval ROTC program, were about 90% circ’d.

At an early age my mother let me know that I must "push back my penis" and wash under it, otherwise, I would have to have an operation, and "the older you get, the more it hurts".

My best friend in high school, born in 1937, was not circ’d, but his brother born in 1940 was. My brothers born in 1938 and 1950 were. I noticed in my high school that the younger boys beginning at my brother’s age were more likely to be circ’d. Therefore, I conclude that circumcision must have taken off in my hometown about 1938 or so. At the YMCA, where swimming was nude, I noticed that boys my age from certain schools in more affluent parts of town had a much higher circ rate than boys from schools in my part of town.

I thought I remembered that my father was circ’d. Probably the last time I saw him unclothed was when I was 10 until I had to help him use the bathroom 50 plus years later. I confirmed that he was. How he came to be circ’d, having been born at home in 1911 in the same city where I was born will forever be a mystery.

I really got a shock when I was sent to a summer camp in 1949 and 1950. Most of the boys there were from affluent families from North Carolina and Virginia and were about 95% circ’d. At this age sexual matters were frequently discussed; therefore, I was an object of curiosity. One boy admitted to me that he had been circ’d at age 6 and he remembered all the details. Another declared that my penis must not be real. I didn’t let that latter comment disturb me too much, because this was the same boy that, after a discussion of how exactly women get pregnant, declared that his mother "would never do anything like that!"

At the end of summer camp, my parents stayed in the mountains for a week. I met some of the local mountain boys and found that they skinny-dipped in the nearby river. They were mostly not circ’d. Only a few from the more obviously affluent families in the area were circ’d, but I never heard any comments about the subject among this group.

At my fraternity house in college, discussions were usually about sports, sex and curricula. Occasionally the matter of circumcision would come up. I remember one boy saying his father was certainly looking out for his interests when he was circ’d as an infant. Another boy who was not circ’d insisted that sex was much better if you had a foreskin. Another boy who had been in the navy told the story of a shipmate who had to have an emergency circumcision after tearing his foreskin in an encounter with a prostitute. He said the doctor asked him if he had been f-----g a rusty tin can.

I joined the US Army Reserves and was sent off for training. Almost all the boys in my unit were rural boys from Mississippi and Alabama. Most were not circ’d, so here I was back in the majority again. I was sent for advanced training to a post near Baltimore. Most of the southern boys were not circ’d and most of the northern and far western boys were. One exception was a boy of Italian heritage from New Jersey, who was not circ’d.

The University of Maryland was near the army base. I was wandering around there and looked in on the swimming pool. This was a time when many colleges had nude swimming for men. I noticed that the circ rate of those in the swimming class that I saw was at least 95%.

While in the Army, I went to see an Army doctor to see if the Army might circ me. He at first said yes, then backtracked, saying that I was due for separation in four weeks and there wouldn’t be time to assure complete healing and they would have to keep me until complete healing was assured. He said I should see a civilian doctor later.

I moved to a new city in the upper south and took a job shortly thereafter in 1960. I joined the YMCA in my new city. It appeared that of the regular members, the circ rate was about 85%. The Y dormitory was used to house army draftees and recruits overnight. They had the use of the gym and pool while there. Swimming was nude at this Y at the time. I noticed that generally the recruits from the very rural counties would not be circ’d and those from counties with larger towns with hospitals usually would be.

My insurance at my new job would not pay for elective surgery until a year had elapsed. After a year, I got up enough courage to ask my doctor about the matter. He sent me to a urologist. The urologist was very friendly. He told me that he had been circ’d when he was in college and went back to class after two days. He said all his pals knew about it and they gave him a hard time.

The operation went well. I went to the hospital the day before and stayed one night thereafter. The healing also went well and in about three weeks it was as if I had been circ’d all along. I have been much happier since.

R. Jackson - USA.

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My name is David and I’m very interested in the subject of Circumcision. I was uncircumcised for over 26 years then I finally had enough courage to see a urologist about getting circ’d. I had always wanted to get circ’d since about the age of 11. My cousins were cut and I always envied them. In Junior High and in High school it seemed as if 100% of the other males were circumcised and I was the only one not. This really made me feel less than the rest of the guys and I guess this is the reason why at age 26, I choose to get circumcised. I am now 30 years old and I am always looking to find out more information and to talk to other guys who have had the same experience as myself. I’m very happy to be circumcised and only wish it had been done sooner.

David - USA

Flag of the USA   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Icon denoting 'Heterosexual'   Circumcised at age 38

I am pro-circumcision (for all males at any age), yet I grew up uncut with a long, beautiful, picture-perfect foreskin. It was the type frequently shown in European paintings of cherubs, immortalized on white marble statues of young teen males and even gladiators. It was generally healthy and provided me with great pleasure as a lad. I think many men, mostly circumcised, enjoying playing with my long, succulent tassel of foreskin. Now before you stop reading this and mark me down as yet another anti-circ fanatic, know that while my skin was beautiful, healthy and well loved by many, I always enjoyed seeing the bare, rounded acorns on my fellow lads in the showers. I never missed a chance for a “penis show and tell” session with my grade-school buddies, usually having to explain that my penis was the unchanged one and that theirs had been lovingly clipped. Even with that, all the boys I knew seemed to be happy they were circumcised and so did I even though I never thought I wanted mine changed to be like theirs. Circumcised penises were something to adore, suckle and be admired by uncut boys like me - and the opposite was true for them, I believed.

I had an active sex life with both girls and boys through my high school years and my masturbatory habits were even more prolific than most of my contemporaries. Thus my long skin got plenty of regular workouts, stretching it back behind the head on most downstrokes while masturbating and certainly keeping it peeled back behind my flared glans during intercourse. By the time I was in my late 20s I began to notice my skin looking much less attractive, it had become much looser, more wrinkled and the ‘mouth’ of the foreskin hung open in a constant yawn. By the time I hit 30 I had seriously begun to think my well-used companion needed a little ‘nip and tuck’. At 35 the skin was even more wrinkled and a date commented that it looked like a tired, old man when it was soft. I became more self conscious in the gym showers and then began looking into getting something done to improve the cosmetic appearance of my penis. Of course, this led me back to thoughts of circumcision, particularly noting that my circumcised colleagues had nice looking, younger, less wrinkled cocks even when soft.

I’m pleased to tell you that at age 38 I got circumcised by a wonderful doctor in New York. It was a moderately tight circumcision, with a scar about 1½ inches behind the head. As I said above, I am not anti-circumcision. In fact, if I had been circumcised at birth I would have been just as happy and would not have had to go through the several years of researching and eventually being circumcised. If I had boys I think I would circumcise them when they were born, or at least before they hit puberty, based on my own experiences.

Robert - New York, USA.

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I was cut in September 1999 when I was 38 years old, but the path leading to my decision to have the procedure done actually started quite a long time before.

In Junior High and High School, I quickly realized that I was quite different from almost every other boy in my PE classes. It was particularly odd in Junior High, when a couple of boys asked me why I had "extra" skin! Everyone else, it seemed to me, had very pleasing and rather attractive looking penises and it was kind of unpleasant to be the 'odd one out'. In High School, I saw another boy with a foreskin in the gym showers for the first time - and he was an exchange student from Sweden.

After school, I joined the military and in basic training there was one other guy, a young Latino from Texas, who was uncut. I remember a couple of the guys kind of making fun of his rather long and hanging foreskin. No comments were ever made to my face, but I wondered if any of those guys talked about my penis in a derogatory way when I wasn’t around.

In my late 20s I noticed, from time to time, a bit of a red rash that appeared on the head, underneath the foreskin, from time to time. On one occasion I thought I might have contracted some sort of STD and went to a clinic to be tested. I was negative. This rash would continue to come and go, always occuring in different places around the head. I eventually consulted my doctor, who prescribed a cortisone cream. Another problem during this time was the issue of keeping my penis clean. No matter how well I washed my penis - and I would carefully pull back the skin and wash very thoroughly in the shower sometimes more than once a day even - I still had a problem both with the recurrent rash and with smegma. It was highly annoying.

Over the course of the next several years, I saw several doctors, had innumerable refills of cortisone cream but also a continuing problem. I was diagnosed with a condition that has the rather strange name of Lichen Planus. One dermatologist I consulted actually suggested that my penis needed to be even MORE moist than it was. He recommended I pull back the skin each morning after my shower, and lather the head with Vaseline, then pull the skin back over the head. That seemed ridiculous to me and, furthermore, an extremely messy business in my underwear!

Finally, in early 1999 with yet another recurrence of a rash on my penis, I consulted my primary doctor and - as a last ditch effort - asked him if he thought a circumcision would provide any relief to my ongoing problem. He thought about it for a moment and then told me that yes, it might be possible that it would help. But, he would need to send me to a urologist for an examination. He mentioned that there were a number of urologists in my medical system that were against circumcisions on principle, so he would try to recommend someone who would be sympathetic to my case.

So, with some trepidation I went to my appointment with the urologist - and after examination we talked about the possibility of circumcision and he thought that I would benefit from the procedure. He told me that the lichen planus diagnosis would not be enough to authorize the circumcision (and therefore have my medical plan pick up the cost) so he was also going to note that I had a short frenulum, which hindered retraction of the foreskin. This was a very kind thing for him to do, and something that he absolutely did not have to do for me. Because, unlike some foreskins, mine was fairly loose and the skin would fully retract well below the head of the penis with no difficulty.

The procedure was approved and my surgical date was set for late September 1999. I opted to be fully anesthetized for the surgery and afterwards woke up in the recovery room, where I was taken to the bathroom in order to urinate. The nurses needed to ensure that I could pass fluids before I would be released. It was quite odd to look down at all of the white gauze wrapped around the shaft with just the end of the head poking out!

I have been very happy with the circumcision and am pleased to report that since September 1999, I have not had even a single recurrence of lichen planus - and no smegma either!

Tony - USA.

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My circumcision took place three weeks ago today. I am 45, so yes, I have waited a long time. But the wait has been worth it. I had basically given up on ever having the operation when I happened by chance to find a a doctor’s website giving an e-mail address and, you guessed it, I fired off an e-mail about my situation. The reply assurred me that I wasnt strange, so I approached a friend who is a cosmetic surgeon and the rest is history.

I suppose I had given up on the idea because I thought Doctors might think I was weird asking for it for cosmetic reasons at my age. I had other reasons too, but those I could have lived with it. The constant hygiene problem in summer was a drag. Oral sex was something I just didn’t ask for, fearing rejection.

Basically, I hated my apperance. I don’t care what anybody says, my penis was ugly. I was very self concious especially as I swim with 5 other guys for fitness reasons (a sort of a club training thing but for fitness only). I always feel embarrased in the showers because of the length of my foreskin, which had an overhang of 10mm or so past the glans. Maybe this was a hangover from boarding school days, where I got hell. Being uncircumcised II was in the minority in the 1960s and 70s.

I will return to swimming next week; my absence has been noticed. After all these years I will have to remember to speak of my foreskin in the past tense as my penis now looks fantastic. I must also remedy that lack of self esteem.

Denny - USA

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In the States where I grew we had school physicals every year. I remember these as being very embarrassing events. I went to a Catholic high school where one might think the process would be more modest, but no. We were all told to line up in the boys locker room and strip down to our underwear. We would go single file into the examination room. There our school nurse and doctor would be present and the first thing the doctor would ask for would be a urine sample. The nurse would take a cup and follow us into the bathroom and ask us urinate in front of her. She had to make sure we would not substitute a friends sample. When I took my penis out she immediately noticed that I was uncircumcised and told me to pull back my foreskin and wash underneath it with a moist towellete. It was obvious she disapproved of my still-intact state. She then stood there watching until I had given the sample, which took a long time with her watching.

Each year the doctor would then check the testicles and penis. I would lower my underwear to my ankles and he would tell me to cough. Then he would spend what seemed like five minutes examining my foreskin. As it was quite tight it was difficult for him to expose my glans. He would ask me if I could masturbate okay with it as it was and some other really embarrassing questions. I distinctly remember the nurse saying to the doctor “;He really should be circumcised”.;  The word sent a shiver up my spine. The doctor ultimately did send a note to my parents recommending circumcision. I fought my parents on the issue and was not circumcised. I later realised that was a mistake and eventually I planned my own circumcision as an adult.

Anonymous - USA.

Flag of the USA   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Icon denoting 'Heterosexual'Circumcised as an adult

I’m glad I’m finally circumcised. It is much, much better than having a foreskin. It’s as if the foreskin is there specifically to be cut off later on. The debate about when is "later on" will, of course, never be satisfactorily resolved. On the one hand, neonatal circumcision can be interpreted as denying freedom of choice to get circumcised as an adult with the all the pleasure or pain surrounding that event. On the other hand, given the choice, most people probably wouldn’t get circumcised as adults.

The benefits of prophylactic circumcision to the owner and his mate are well documented, it can be argued that routine infant circumcision is, on balance, a sensible measure. Additionally there’s the tribal thing, the desire to conform, the mental discomfort if you’re in the minority. While I wasn’t circumcised until I was an adult, I will circumcise my sons.

Paul - USA

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My foreskin was adherent to my glans penis until I was about 11. I was not aware that foreskins were supposed to be retractable until I saw my first porno. I had seen circumcised penises before that but I thought that the surgeon probably stripped the skin off the glans when performing the circumcision. After that I started to forcibly retract my own foreskin, tearing at the adhesions to the glans. It took me quite a while to achieve full retractability. Every attempt I would strip about 1/8 inch more. There was usually a slight bleeding after each session, although it wasn’t much. In order to prevent the skin from healing back onto the glans again, I had to keep retracting all the time.

Once I had the whole glans uncovered, I discovered that I loved the feeling of my glans being totally naked. As with the other members’ experiences, my foreskin would roll forward by itself and I hated when this happened. Eventually I had myself completely circumcised and I’m very happy with the result as is my partner.

Pete - USA

Flag of the USA   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Still summoning up the courage at age 21

I am one of the many unfortunate males in America who doesn’t have a circumcised penis. More interestingly, where I live, males who are born aren’t circumcised. Mainly because of religious reasons (Catholicism) or have mothers who would rather have their sons go through the excruciating pain that follows the procedure. I’m 21 now, contemplating having the surgery and 99% that I do want it. But I do remember being 3 or 4 years old, taking a shower with my childhood friend and seeing that he had no skin. I remember also that after that, I would always pull my foreskin to make it look like his and it never stayed. This made me so mad.

During my teenage years, I often thought about cutting my own foreskin off, especially when my stepfather used to make fun of men that were not circumcised. Just recently, I was at a house party and all of my friends were swimming in the pool naked except for my best friend because she has a penis phobia and me, as I was ashamed because I wasn’t cut. I have never had a problem with hygiene or anything like that, I just want to go to the chop to get the skin axed for cosmetic and social reasons.

Joseph - Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Flag of the USA   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Icon denoting 'Homosexual'   Another still uncircumcised

I can relate one other experience of a high school classmate of mine. He was also uncut and his name was Opie. In fact, in my school of 300 boys, there were six of us uncut boys. However, he was the only "sports jock" in the uncut group. Opie was always very mean to me publicly and did his best to make sure everyone knew he hated me. Finally, when we were Seniors, we found ourselves together in the lockeroom at the football stadium. I was there for band practice, he for track practice. It was well after practice ended and he actually spoke to me. Opie told me that he was teased by the other jocks on the football and track teams about being like me. "Were we brothers" or maybe "sisters", his teamates had said. We had the same dicks, they teased. He told me that his Dad and brothers  had skin too, and that they didn’t seem to mind. He said he really was angry at his father for not having him circumcised and wondered why I wasn’t circ’d. We talked for a while and he said he was sorry about the way he had treated me. But, just because we talked now, not to expect him to speak to me in public. He ignored me after that and the more abusive attitude stopped.

Interestingly, I was never teased for my uncut skin. I was ignored in the showers. It was just me who was embarrassed about having a long foreskin. Skin was OUT when I was a boy. Girls and boys sometimes refused to suck it. (I was a cheese head, then... and the skin wouldn’t stay back.) But, as an adult, foreskin in the gay world has become very popular. I was at a New Year’s party and the cut/uncut subject came up. Everyone seemed to know I was the only uncut one, and all of the RICs said how lucky I was and how they would leave kids uncut. I explained the problems of my skin, smell, torn frenulum, etc. and my lover said that spontaneous sex was pretty much out, as he didn’t like the smell.

Dave - USA.

Flag of the USA   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Still uncircumcised

School American Football Team

Conformity with the norm
means a lot to growing boys.
One subject that caught my eye recently was a posting on the Internet from a couple of guys who kept their foreskins rolled back during adolescence. I thought I was the only person who did that, and was happily surprised to hear that others have done the same.

I remember shortly after seeing my circumcised best friends naked (changing for football in junior high) I knew I wanted my cock to look like theirs. I would constantly keep my foreskin behind the head and would constantly have to keep rolling back after it had slipped forward. I loved the feeling of having my naked cock-head rest in my underwear. It was freeing, it was great.

After years of this, my foreskin will pretty much stay behind the glans when I’m semi-flaccid and it definitely will when erect, but not when I’m totally flaccid. To this day, I hate that feeling of constriction when the skin rolls back over my head. Whether it was seeing my friends’ cut cocks in school, or just the feeling of having a pseudo-circumcision, I still keep my foreskin retracted. I still do not have the courage to proceed with the circumcision. I almost did once when I was 18 but, when the doctor asked why I wanted it, he wouldn’t accept my response which was “because I just want it!”. I wish my parents had circumcised me like all of the other boys!

Christopher - USA

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By the time I was 5, I already knew that all of the peers I’d seen had been circumcised (little boys pissed together everywhere around our neighborhood), and I hadn’t. I’d asked my mother early-on why my penis was different from the other boys, and she’d told me that it was because they’d had an operation called circumcision, also that I hadn’t been circumcised because my father (a doctor) was opposed to any surgery not required to save a life. She went on to say that boys are usually circumcised as babies because “it doesn’t hurt them then.” So I knew the score but wasn’t happy with it. I wanted my penis to be like everyone else’s, yet I feared the possible pain of the surgery, not to mention the embarrassment of having a lot of grown-ups looking at my penis.

When I first started bathing alone, my mother always solemnly admonished me to “retract your foreskin and clean your penis or we might have to have you circumcised”. This reinforced my difference from all the other boys. It also sounded both scary and exciting. Guess that’s why I’m always interested in hearing how other uncut boys felt about being circumcised later in life.

Paul - USA

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I’ve been turned down for sex - by girls when I was a teen and older women as I myself grew older - just because I am uncircumcised. This was particularly true in High School, because intercourse was not always an option. However, oral sex was, but it was rare to find a girl who would suck an uncircumcised cock, especially with a foreskin that completely covers even when hard and gets smelly only an hour after the shower.

There were only 6 uncut guys out of 400 or so males in my high school. Only one of the uncuts was a "stud/jock", named Opey. He had the same girlfriend all through high school and when asked by us guys why he continued to date her (as she was widely known to be a bitch) he said “she puts out”. One of the cut guys said something like, "so she likes sucking your skin" and he said no, she loved to be eaten and he was quite the 'muff diver'. Common talk around school was that she would not suck and that he always performed cunnilingus on her. None of the other uncuts got much sex from girls and usually ended up jacking our skins together (or with cut guys who also didn’t want to suck our skins.) I’m fairly certain it lead to bi-sexual tendencies of the sort that I myself have today.... there were (and are) gay guys that find foreskin kinky and a turn on.

My only other experience with regard to girls in high school and foreskin/circumcision occurred just after I graduated from college. I volunteered to work with a couple of girls’ teams at my local high school. One of the girls (younger and very pretty) was dating a senior boy (another all-American looking kid). The girls began to call her "smegma lips" jokingly and this went on for some time. I finally found out that the reason for this was that her boyfriend was uncircumcised, something widely known by the girls who didn’t like to date him because of this. When she was asked about it, she indicated that it did look 'funny' compared to other pictures she’d seen, but she didn’t know why. The girls had told her the reason and she said she would talk to him about the situation. I don’t know what happened after that... but they continued to call her smegma lips when they wanted to tease her and she continued to date him for about 3 more months.

I can tell you that from college until I was about 30, I would occasionally be turned down for sex from gay guys who hated skin as well. Since that time, skin seems to be more popular with the cut crowd particularly in the leather world. Although, I sometimes still hear cut guys talking and saying “he’s a turtle neck... I prefer crew necks, if you know what I mean” (overheard at a recent party).

David - USA

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Until I was circumcised at the age of 20, I always had trouble either with my foreskin or because of it. My foreskin, when I had it, was very long. It would overhang the glans by upwards of an inch when my penis was very flacid and small. When my penis was erect, the foreskin would not retract on its own and would still cover the glans completely - I would have to manually retract the skin to expose my glans.

The glans used to get irritated, even though I cleaned under my foreskin regularly - or at least attempt to. When I was about 9 I had an inflammation of the foreskin and glans and the doctor suggested that I be circumcised, but my mother was very set against it and so it was just treated with antibiotics and a cream of some sort. Irritations and so on continued for much longer.

Most of the boys at the schools I went to were cut - 80% at least. I like the look of circumcised cocks and think foreskins are repulsive to look at, as well as being unhygienic. Having a foreskin made me feel inferior and I always wanted to be cut.

My specific problems with having a long foreskin were:
  1. Semen would get trapped under the skin after masturbation at night and if not washed off immediately would cause the glans and foreskin to smell bad.

  2. When my penis was flaccid, it would be much smaller than when erect and when I was wore briefs my excess foreskin would fold over, under the glans. In that position it would be held firmly and then later, if my penis became erect or even semi-erect, the effect of the glans swelling and shaft lengthening would be to pull on the foreskin which couldn’t move. That would cause quite a bit of pain at times.

  3. When I tried to prevent what was described in No.2 above by retracting my foreskin behind the glans it would be okay for a while, but the tendency was for the foreskin to return to covering the glans. Invariably, in the process, pubic hairs would be caught between foreskin and glans and pulled quite hard, also causing quite a bit of pain.

  4. The small gap around the ridge of the glans would get clogged and thus get very sensitive even when I washed under the foreskin on a daily or twice daily basis.

  5. On camping trips, it is often not possible to clean under one’s foreskin; it is often hard to find opportunities to bathe at all. This makes cleanliness problems worse.
I felt asking to be circumcised was a bit silly - it was not until I was twenty that I had the courage to ask for a circumcision. The surgeon that my family doctor referred me to initially treated the request with a bit of a smirk, though he admitted it was a reasonable request later. I did not feel comfortable discussing the issue with him and certainlyt never felt comfortable enough to ask how much skin he would remove or the technique he would use. I was also not aware of issues like proportions of inner and outer foreskin etc.

An appointment was made for my circumcision - it was performed under a general anaesthetic and I spent one night in hospital. I was given a painkiller injection after the operation and never felt any pain from the circumcision itself.

I was active a couple of days after the operation. The stitches were removed about 2 weeks later. Some inflammation occurred in the parts of the wound a few days after the operation and those areas have been more scarred than the rest, sort of keloidy or hypertrophic in nature, even after 10 years. I wish I had been circumcised as a boy.


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Getting circumcised was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. It hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm (possibly an obsession) for reading and talking about the subject, especially stories from women about how much they love circumcised penises.

I think my life, and certainly my teenage years, would have been significantly different if my parents had had me circumcised as an infant. It’s a subject I’ve never talked to them about; I would be too embarrassed considering they know how I feel (but they don’t know that I’ve had it done) and know I used to play doctors with my young friend. All I can say is that I’m so glad that I’m now rid of the ugly bit of excess skin that once covered my penis and would encourage any uncut man to do it without hesitation.


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