Some Women Find
Circumcision Erotic

On this page of CIRCLIST we look at issues of matriarchal dominance relating to circumcision, explored through both fact and fiction. It isn’t always the men who take the decision to circumcise and, when a woman does take the lead, sexual motivations can be the prime consideration.


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The following text is a work of fiction written by an anonymous contributor living in North America. The story involves a Do-it-Yourself circumision. CIRCLIST recommends that you do not mimic the scenes described. Circumcision should only be carried out by a qualified medical practitioner.

Mary had the baby a week ago. The delivery had gone normally, even though she had been in labor for about 6 hours. She had recovered normally and now, four days after coming home from the hospital, she had decided that she felt well enough to invite her two best friends over to see the new arrival. Her baby was called William, named after Mary’s grandfather, but Mary and her husband had also decided that they would nickname him BJ for short.

They had been careful to avoid company this past week. Mary was recovering from childbirth, the baby was adapting to life outside the womb and both parents felt it best to avoid the risk of infection or diseases carried by visitors. Mary had decided early in the pregnancy that she would breastfeed for reasons of nutrition, immunity to many diseases and overall healthy development.

Mary’s friends Beth and Ann arrived around noon, just in time for BJ’s lunch. All three women were in their late 20s, and with the birth of BJ, all three had sons under one year old. Beth and Ann watched as Mary opened her blouse and casually offered her breast to her son to nurse. A typical conversation ensued, with both guests commenting on how beautiful young William was. He was indeed a handsome baby, but that took an experienced eye to appreciate. Like almost all newborns his complexion was slightly flushed, his eyes looked baggy, his body was somewhat football-shaped and he was almost totally bald. He nursed well and eventually stopped suckling; Mary judged that he was full. She placed William on the changing table and untaped his diaper.

“Mary, Billy’s got skin all over the end of his peter!” Beth exclaimed. “Why didn’t you have him circumcised?”

Mary continued changing BJ’s diaper. She reminded both friends that she and her husband had been visiting his parents in a small rural town, when Mary unexpectedly went into labor. She explained to Beth and Ann that the only Ob-Gyn in the small town had been an old male practitioner who was opposed to circumcision and simply refused to circumcise any newborn males. Mary and her husband had decided in advance to have their baby circumcised if it was a boy. Now, Mary went on to explain, they weren’t sure what they were going to do.

All three women had discussed several aspects of sex before, including discussions of their husbands’ love-making skills. These conversations were typically very specific and highly detailed. All three women had agreed that they vastly preferred a circumcised penis to an uncircumcised one. Of the three women, Beth was the most adamant.

Early on in these early conversations, Beth had explained that she had spent 6 months in Germany as an exchange student whilst in college. She had loved the country and often remarked what a beautiful place it was. While in Stuttgart she had met and eventually slept with two different German students, both of whom were uncircumcised. Even though both men bathed regularly and kept themselves clean, Beth was turned off by the experience.She went on to explain that during intercourse she did not get nearly as much stimulation as usual, because it felt to her as if the men were sliding in and out of their own foreskins rather than her vagina. Visually, she much preferred the exposed, dry glans of a circumcised male to the erect uncircumcised penis. And as for oral sex, forget it! She had tried it several times with each male, but eventually refused and offered to masturbate them instead. For Beth, the look, feel, smell and touch of the circumcised penis had no comparison.

Beth had even admitted that her future husband was uncircumcised when they first met; she had shocked Mary by proudly announcing that she had circumcised him herself six weeks before the wedding. There had been a chorus of ‘What?’ from both Mary and Ann.

“It’s true”, Beth replied. “I spent some time on the Internet researching circumcision. I found out about a device, available in both adult and child sizes, that clips onto the penis and is left there until the severed foreskin dies. Then the clamp falls off. Unlike the Gomco clamp, the ones doctors use, this clamp is made out of plastic and is disposable after you are finished with it. Shall I go on?”

“Yes!” they replied in unison.

“Well, I discussed the idea one night with Tom before we had sex. I had been stroking his penis gently for several minutes and he was horny as hell. We had discussed circumcision many times before and Tom knew I was very much in favor of it. While Tom was not firmly pro-circumcision, he was curious about it. He confessed that he had wondered all his life what it would be like to have a circumcised penis, masturbating both as a child and young adult whilst fantasizing about being circumcised against his will. Not really fighting it, just being told that it was going to happen and not being able to stop it.

“I had expected resistance when I told him about the clamp and about how it was meant to be used in third world, under-developed countries where doctors were not always available to perform circumcisions. Tom was intrigued, but nervous. Another friend of mine, Lois, had just finished nursing training and was working as an Operating Room and Recovery Room nurse in our local community hospital. One evening over glasses of wine I showed Lois the literature I had down-loaded off the Internet about the clamp, which included photographs of the procedure being performed on an adult male. Lois was intrigued. She admitted that it appeared relatively safe, but because of her medical training she still recommended that circumcision be performed by a trained medical specialist. At that point in the conversation I changed the subject.

“A couple of weeks later Lois and I were having another girls’ night-out, when I told Lois that I had decided to circumcise Tom myself using one of these clamps. Lois was so surprised that she almost choked on her wine. After she settled down, she asked me if I were serious; I assured her that I was.

“She wanted to know what Tom thought of all this. I told her, truthfully, that Tom was a little nervous about the idea but at the same time it turned him on. As I explained to Lois, the rôle-play of him submitting to me and letting me circumcise him had become a major and enjoyable part of our sex play. As we discussed the idea, Lois seemed to grow to accept the concept more and more. Only then did I ask for her help. Could she get me a small can of aerosol anesthetic?

“I was hoping for Lidocaine or something similar. At first her reaction was ‘Of course not. That would be theft’. But I explained to her that I’d buy it if it were available over the counter.

“Over the next few weeks I would bring the subject up every time Lois and I were together. Then one evening, when Tom was playing poker with some guys, Lois called and asked if she could drop by for a minute. ‘Sure’ I told her, I would be glad of the company. Lois showed up a few minutes later and I offered her a glass of white wine while we chatted. I got up and went into the kitchen to refill our glasses; when I returned there was a small aerosol can on the coffee table and Lois was watching me expectantly. I picked up the can. It was the anesthetic I had asked her for and the can felt like it was at least half full. Looking up from reading the label on the can, I saw that Lois was watching me closely. I thanked her. She nodded then went quiet for a moment before asking me ‘Will you video tape the operation so I can see it sometime?’ You bet! Tom and I had planned to do that anyway.”

Beth and Tom had made the clamp a regular part of their sex play. Beth would place the clamp over Tom’s glans, pull his thick foreskin up over the cone and partially close the clamp. Beth would put just enough pressure on the two locking arms that Tom could feel the clamp pinching his prepuce.

They had planned for an August wedding. They had both graduated from college the year before and Tom had gotten a good job with an accounting firm. Tom and Beth planned the circumcision for the second weekend in June. Tom had brought work home from the office and had made arrangements with his superiors to work on it at home the following Monday and Tuesday. They felt that would give Tom plenty of time for sufficient recovery that he would be able to function normally in his office after that.

That Friday evening Tom came home from work as normal, but Beth worked closer to their apartment so she had beaten him home and had everything set up. Tom let himself in to find that all the drapes were pulled and the living room was dimly lit with a dozen candles spaced randomly around the room. Beth was wearing a sexy negligée; Tom could see that she was excited because her nipples were erect and showing through the fabric.

Beth handed Tom a shot of bourbon which he drank in one gulp. She asked him to undress in the bedroom and come back wearing only underwear. Beth had bought him a special pair of black silk undershorts for tonight’s ritual.

Tom came back into the room almost naked. Beth handed him another shot of whiskey which he obediently swallowed. There was a soft music on the stereo and the two began a slow dance, very close together. Beth pressed and rubbed her pubic mound into Tom’s crotch. Tom knew perfectly well what was about to happen and he had been semi-erect throughout the drive home from work. The music stopped and Beth dropped to her knees, simultaneously giving a little downward tug on Tom’s briefs thus freeing his erect penis. Beth sucked him into her hot, wet mouth. She nibbled on the tip of his foreskin, causing Tom to moan. Then Beth grabbed the base of Tom’s penis and held his foreskin forward over the glans whilst he was still in her mouth, then inserting her tongue in between Tom’s glans and his foreskin. Beth was secretly ecstatic because she knew this was the last time she’d ever do this for Tom with his foreskin intact. She ran her tongue around Tom’s glans in a circular motion. This generated more moans and caused Tom’s penis to lubricate into Beth’s warm mouth. Beth looked upward and was pleased to see Tom looking down at her watching her every move, she knew it was much more of a turn-on for Tom to watch her sucking him off then it would have been if their rôles were reversed. Beth enjoyed sex with Tom very much. Soon, she’d enjoy it infinitely more, she thought to herself. But at least half of Beth’s enjoyment came from knowing how much Tom loved and depended upon her. She felt needed and protected at the same time.

Beth took Tom’s penis out of her mouth and retracted his foreskin, pulling it tightly back on the shaft. Not tight enough to cause Tom any pain, but forcefully enough that the shaft skin in front of her fingers was drawn tight and smooth. Then, making sure her teeth were covered by her lips, Beth shaped her mouth into an ‘O’ and slid back and forth over Tom’s shiny glans, stretching and releasing his shaft skin and making sure to tug on Tom’s frenulum with every stroke.

Beth kept at it for a few minutes until she heard a sharp intake of breath. At that point she tugged backward on his foreskin one last time and positioned her mouth a inch away from the tip of Tom’s penis. Tom began to twitch slightly and Beth could feel the large vein on his penis begin to throb. Cum shot out of his meatus. Most of it went into Beth’s waiting mouth, but some of it ended up on her face and on her chest. Beth kept stroking Tom’s shaft until his orgasm stopped. Only then did she release grip on his now-deflating penis.

Tom sat down. “That was incredible” he said.

“I love you” Beth said. “I am touched by the sacrifice you are about to make for me and want you to know how appreciative I am. I also want you to know that after you are fully healed, I will do anything for you that a man and a woman can do for each other in bed!”

Beth got up and poured Tom a third shot of whiskey; he stayed in the chair as Beth handed the drink to him. He tilted his head back and let the whiskey roll down his throat. He was getting very relaxed.

Beth disappeared into the bayhroom and came back with a soapy washcloth. She retracted Tom’s foreskin, very gently and thoroughly washing his entire penis. Looking into Tom’ s eyes, she said “Are you ready?”.  Tom simply nodded that he was. Beth moved the video camera, which was on a tripod, over to where it would be able to record everything she did. Beth was nervous; one mistake, she thought to herself, and we’ll have a permanent recording of the day I messed up Tom’s cock. But she quickly put the thought out of her mind. She had done extensive research on male circumcision, even to the extent of going to a nearby medical college one Saturday and spending hours pouring over a hard cover text entitled ‘Circumcision: An Atlas’. The book detailed all of the most common surgical procedures for performing circumcision, primarily dealing with infant circumcision but also adult male circumcision.

Beth was ready. She picked up the aerosol and sprayed a liberal amount all over Tom’s foreskin and shaft skin. She did this three times. Then she sprayed the foreskin where it bulged over Tom’s coronal ridge. Beth knew that this would be where the clamp would be applied. She and Tom waited a few minutes for the anesthetic to take effect. While they waited, Beth retracted Tom’s foreskin, took a bottle of rubbing alcohol and soaked a couple of sterile cotton balls. She applied the alcohol generously to Tom’s glans, inner foreskin area and, after pulling his foreskin back up over the head, she also rubbed it all over the shaft and outside skin of his penis. She wanted to make sure the entire area was clean and sterile. She then sprayed his glans and inner foreskin liberally, again several times over, leaving the skin retracted so the head would dry out.

After a few minutes, Tom announced that he thought the numbing spray had taken effect. Beth gently pinched his foreskin with her fingernails whilst looking at Tom. He shook his head to indicate that there was no pain. Beth then pinched harder, making the skin turn white from loss of blood. Again Tom shook his head. “I just feel the pinching sensation, but no pain”, he told Beth.

Tom was seated in a padded chair with his feet up on an ottoman. Beth reached for a new clamp and tore open the sterile wrapping. The kit contained a mini-tube of a vaseline-like substance, a plastic handled disposable scalpel and the clamp itself. Beth pulled Tom’s foreskin back off his glans and placed the clamp completely over his glans. Then she nudged the foreskin forward covering about two-thirds of the glans. The foreskin went inside the circular plastic ring, but outside the plastic glans cover. Grasping the tip of Tom’s foreskin in each hand she pulled it forward as far up over the clamp as possible. Then, holding the foreskin forward with jusy one hand, Beth examined how much skin would be removed after clamping. She wanted Tom cut fairly tight, with little or no foreskin bunching up behind his glans when he was flaccid.

Tugging the foreskin forward with one hand and exerting a slight downward pressure with the clamp, Beth managed to get what she felt was the correct amount of foreskin in front of the clamping jaws. With her right hand she applied pressure to the two clamping arms, all the while watching Tom’s face for any signs of pain. Tom was obviously watching every move Beth made, but with three shots of bourbon in him he was quite docile. Beth was startled to hear the clamp click shut. Tom never grimaced and she had no idea that the jaws were that close to being locked. She sprayed more anesthetic around Tom’s penis on the skin in front of the clamp.

Beth knew that she would have to wait a minimum of 5 minutes for hemostasis to begin to set in. She reached for the remote control on the camcorder and paused the recording. She was in no hurry. Exciting at it was for her to be ridding her future husband of his foreskin, Beth also wanted to be very careful and get everything right!

Beth actually left the clamp in place for fifteen minutes before reaching for the disposable knife. During those fifteen minutes she had applied another coating of alcohol to the foreskin forward of the clamp. She had also sprayed that same area of skin twice more with the aerosol numbing spray, noting that the can was nearly empty now.

Picking up the knife and looking over at Tom, she saw that he was ready to get this over with and start his new life as a circumcised man. “Go ahead baby. Circumcise me.” With that Beth pushed down with the knife and felt it cut into the thick layer of skin. She knew from her studying that the foreskin was actually two layers of skin; she cut through both and could then see the plastic glans cover underneath. Tom hadn’t flinched or given any other indication that he was in pain. There was a little bleeding, but what blood there was had a very dark color. This was good. Beth continued cutting around the clamp, careful to make the cut as straight and even as possible. She wanted Tom coming out of this with a truly great looking circumcision. Finally she was through and the foreskin slid forward on the clamp. Beth applied a very light coating of alcohol to the raw edge, then a thick coating of the vaseline-like substance that came with the clamp. After that, she made a length-wise cut in the severed foreskin so that it could be taken off the clamp. Essentially they were done.

Beth knew that the skin being crushed by the clamp would die (necrotize) over the next week or so. Once the edges of the foreskin had healed together the clamp would fall off Tom’s glans. Although Beth had never mentioned it to Tom, she expected some odor problems as the necrotic tissue began to rot.

She looked over at Tom. He was lightly dozing. Between the alcohol and the relief at having the operation over, Tom had simply fallen into a light sleep. Beth had intentionally not fed Tom dinner when he had gotten home. She knew the alcohol would work more swiftly on an empty stomach, but more importantly she didn’t want Tom getting nauseous and possibly vomiting during the circumcision. Beth left Tom relaxing in the chair and began to clear up.

On the Saturday morning Beth and Tom awoke expectantly. Beth ran him a bath, making sure the water was comfortably warm but not too hot. Tom slowly eased himself into the water. After a quick and careful bath. he got out of the tub and Beth dried him. They both examined his penis with the clamp still attached. The wound edges of the foreskin where still red, but they weren’t bleeding or poducing any kind of a discharge which would indicate infection.

They took it easy around the apartment all weekend. Come Monday, wearing an athletic supporter to steady his penis, a baggy pair of gray gym pants and a T-shirt, Tom started to work on the papers and reports he had brought home from the office. Over the weekend and also today, he and Beth examined his penis several times a day looking for any signs of infection. So far everything appeared fine; the small remnant of foreskin which extended in front of the clamping mechanism had begun to discolor Saturday afternoon. Now, on Monday morning some 60 hours after the do-it-yourself circumcision, they could both see that the tissue was turning black. If you got real close you detected a small odor, but over-all it wasn’t terribly noticeable. Tom was still very much aware of his penis because of the plastic clamp still attached to him. That night, while bathing the necrotic tissue in front of the clamping mechanism, it fell off.

Tuesday evening, while soaking in the bathtub, he felt the clamp loosen a little bit. He grabbed the end of theclamp and moved it from side to side, examining it from all angles. In one or two places the healing end of foreskin was visibly detached from the clamp. Tom continued gently wiggling the clamp to see if he could separate it from his skin entirely. After about twenty minutes of gentle but consistent tugging he called out for Beth; his voice didn’t sound alarmed but she stopped what she was doing and went to check on him right away. When she got there, Tom proudly showed her that the clamp had come separated from about ¾ of his foreskin, remaining attached only on the underside near the frenulum. Tom asked Beth to check that out and see if it looked loose, and to see if there was any bleeding or tissue infection. Beth reported that everything looked fine, and Tom continued wiggling the clamp. As Beth watched he gently but firmly tugged the clamp upward, until with a slight sucking sound it popped off of his glans. They both looked at the clamp and then immediately after at Tom’s penis. The raw edges where the foreskin had been severed were darker than the surrounding tissue, but they were clearly healing.

From that point on, Beth told Ann and Mary, things went normally. Tom took two full weeks to heal. On the third Saturday following his circumcision, Tom woke up with an erection and woke Beth up to show her. They were both very excited. Beth questioned Tom to find out if he was in any pain or discomfort? He assured her that he felt fine. Beth suggested Tom empty his bladder, which Tom did. When he returned he was preceded by his erection. Tom lay on the bed on his back and Beth spent the next 20 minutes touching and looking and at his recently circumcised penis.

Tom encouraged Beth to masturbate him. Beth began touching Tom lightly at first, gradually applying a firmer pressure with her fingertips. Although reluctant to touch the circumcision scar which was still healing, Beth did tug up and down on Tom’s shaft skin to see just how tight his circumcision was.To the delight of both of them, Beth found that there was little slack in Tom’s foreskin. Beth continued rubbing Tom’s penis and as she did so she described to Tom the feelings she was having exploring his newly circumcised organ. They both enjoyed stimulating Tom’s glans, Beth’s thumb and forefinger formed into a circle and rubbed up, down over and the coronal ridge. They also found it exciting having Beth stroke her hand up and down his penis. This was something from which they had not been able to derive pleasure before Tom had his circumcision.

After several minutes of intense manipulation Beth felt Tom’s penis expand slightly and as she continued rubbing he arched his back off the bed slightly and began to climax. Beth wasn’t sure whether the strength of his orgasm had more to do with two and half weeks of sexual abstinence or whether it was their mutual delight at Tom’s newly circumcised status. One thing Beth was sure of was that Tom had never had such a strong orgasm before; she was amazed to see his semen land as much as three feet away. Beth continued to rub Tom’s penis gently as his erection subsided and after a few minutes of manual and verbal encouragement he was hard again. Not so before; his over-sensitivity had precluded any sexual contact for least 15 or 20 minutes.

All this activity had made Beth extremely horny, and she was more ready than ever to have this beautiful circumcised cock inside her. Beth straddled Tom and grabbed hold of the base of his penis her right hand as she guided him into her wet vagina, lowering herself onto Tom’s organ until she was sitting on his lap. She began moving up and down, controlling how deeply he penetrated her. Beth raised up until she felt that just the tip of his penis was inside and with that lowered herself down to get him as deeply inside her as possible, at the same time bringing her pelvis forward at the waist to increase the amount of stimulation her clitoris received from the shaft of Tom’s penis. Beth kept this up for quite some time, enjoying the feelings immensely as she began to feel her own climax approach.

Beth slowed her movements, not wishing either of them to come just yet. After a minute or two of deliberately slow fucking, she began sliding up-and-down Tom’s organ in earnest, building towards an intense orgasm. She was somewhat surprised when her orgasm hit; as the first wave washed over her Beth let out a long, low moan. She sat still on Tom’s lap with him buried inside her, lightly rubbing her clitoris as a second and then a third wave of her orgasm washed over her. It wasn’t her imagination. Tom’s staying power was much longer that it had been when he was uncircumcised. She continued rubbing herself and resumed moving up-and-down on Tom’s penis, wanting him to climax again. He did; Tom grabbed her waist and thrust himself deeply into her. She was immediately rewarded with the feeling of his penis throbbing inside her and she knew that he was enjoying his second climax of the day.

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Content advisory: The following link leads to an account of adult male circumcision that includes reference to female genital mutilation of a minor (FGM).

Circumcised at the behest of an Egyptian fiancée.

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I got circumcised at the age of 19 and the mere thought of a urologist seeing my foreskin wanted me to back out. But seeing how I wanted to be circumcised for as long as I could remember, I did submit to his examination which involved pulling the foreskin back hard to see if there were any adhesions and then pulling the foreskin forward and stretching it outward to see if I had phimosis. That was rather embarrassing but the doctor was nonchalant about it and scheduled me for my circumcision in a medical room in his office building.

During the morning of my circumcision I seemed to be surrounded by women who knew I was getting circumcised. Apparently they loved to say the word ‘CIRCUMCISED’. I checked in and the clerk looked at my file on the computer. She said in a loud voice that was clear for all to hear “SO YOU’RE HERE TO BE CIRCUMCISED”.  I gulped and said “Yes, Mam!”  I wanted to run, but I was quickly admitted to to the prep room where I was to strip and put on a hospital gown. Good enough; I was covered. I got onto the table which looked like a giant Circumstraint and then two women came in to prepare me for the operation.

I was immediately uncovered from the waist down, then one of the ladies announced that I was going to be shaved before I was circumcised. GULP!  After being completed shaved (and handled) from navel to asshole, one of the ladies pulled back my foreskin and cleaned it with alcohol and then started swabbing my pubic area with some dark red antiseptic, all the while telling me not to ‘help her out’.  The two discussed my long foreskin and told me how I was going to be CIRCUMCISED.  At that point, I couldn’t have gotten it up even if I wanted to, but I began to suspect the ladies were getting turned on by not only handling my shaved penis, but thinking (and talking about) my pending circumcision. But the two women were nice, with smooth soft hands and in some ways comforting. They wanted to hold me down during the injections but I said, “Naw, it’s quite alright!”. They didn’t believe me until the injections were done. While the doctor was circumcising me, the women were telling me how the doctor was doing a wonderful job, how my circumcision was going to be good and tight and that I’d look great afterwards. Made me feel a lot better.

Both were present on each of my two return visits and made sure they got to see my circumcised penis and to rub my bared glans and scar line. Needless to say, getting an erection was no problem this time. Some weeks later I met up with one of the two women. She continued to talk about circumcision and tells me she told her friends how she helped circumcise me. There is not doubt in my mind that she is really turned on by circumcision. I suspect there are many other women like her as well.

Ben - At the time (but no longer) in the USA

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Content advisory: The following text, submitted to CIRCLIST as factual, includes reference to incestuous relationships.


My friends and family call me Sissy. I’m a 26 year old white female, born and raised in Florida.

I’ve known about male circumcision as long as I can remember. I have a brother who is two years older than I am. He was not circumcised at birth, and my mother regularly bathed us together. My earliest recollections of bathing with my brother (perhaps when I was only 3 or 4 years old) revolve around my mother’s close examination and cleansing of my brother’s long foreskin. My mother was foreskin obsessed... obsessed with its looseness, cleanliness and general removal. She regularly talked to my brother about his foreskin and about how he needed to be circumcised. The problem seemed to be that my father didn’t allow her to have him circumcised at birth. But back then, all I knew was that a boy had a foreskin that could be ‘clipped back’ and that most other boys seemed to have already been ‘done’. It’s not that my mother paid less attention to me in cleansing my own small vagina, but there was never any talk about needing anything ‘fixed’.

During these early years, my brother had his foreskin regularly checked in front of me and even guests. We had a swimming pool and when we were little we would often swim in the buff. This gave my mother and her neighbor friends further opportunity to talk about my brother... “I see you didn’t have Junior circumcised, Helen. Isn’t his Daddy?” This always led to further conversation on circumcision and my mother to show off Junior’s skin and then bare his glans for the women. He was often admonished to keep his skin peeled back while he was swimming, and he did try to do this, especially if there was another little boy in the pool who had been circumcised.

Additional inspections (or at least questions about) his foreskin also followed our baths as we got older. By the time I was 7 or so, we began bathing separately. Mom even stopped giving Junior his baths (of course, he was nearly 9 and plenty old enough to handle this duty himself.) However, she always asked if he had washed behind his ears and washed behind his glans. The theory seemed to be if you had to pull back the foreskin far enough to wash back behind the glans on the inner lining, you would surely get the head clean too. In any case, this occurred routinely until my mother finally had Junior circumcised.

As we grow older, my father was less and less present in our lives. At the time, I just thought he was away on business. So, during one of these extended ‘business trips’ mom made an announcement one evening that I’ll never forget. I was about 10 years old, which made Junior about 12. He was beginning to grow up and was getting taller. I knew from sneak peeks that his ‘dinky’, as I called it, was also growing but that it still didn’t have any hair around it like our dad’s did. That evening, mom announced that she had decided to have Junior circumcised and that the following week we would be going to see our doctor who was going to do the procedure. ‘We’ I thought to myself... why would ‘we’ be going to the doctor? Later that week, mom told me that I was going along and that I would be able to watch my brother being circumcised, if I wanted to. She said it was up to me, but that this was an important event in my brother’s life and that it was also important that I knew all about circumcision if I was going to have boys of my own. Shortly after my brother was fully circumcised, my father left and never returned.

My brother didn’t put up too much of a fuss when the day came for his circumcision. Junior’s real name was James, after my dad. He had dark black hair and blue/gray eyes. He was pretty thin, but played on the basketball team in Junior High and ran track in High School. I remember asking him if he was afraid of being circumcised. He said he wasn’t, but that he still wasn’t sure he wanted to have it done. We talked about it for only a little bit more and then he clamed up as he usually did. He didn’t like talking about his foreskin and circumcision... not the way I did. I had become obsessed.

The fateful week finally arrived and we went off to the doctor’s office where Junior was circumcised. I didn’t know it then, but he was circumcised (as my mother and I watched) using a Gomco Clamp. I only remember the large silver bell and the thing being covered up by his excessively long foreskin. I do remember my mother saying to make sure ‘it was good and tight’. I thought she meant the clamp at the time, as the lady doctor kept on turning this screw thing. I would later learn that they were talking about the tightness of the circumcision.

During the first few months after Junior’s circumcision, I got to see his bare glans regularly. Mom was constantly checking it out ‘to make sure he was healing properly.’ She also included me in the checkups and even commented that my interest in caring for his incision might be an indication that I might one day become a doctor or nurse. Little did she know that my interest was in my brother’s peter and how it looked after being circumcised.

This was the beginning... it is how I became a circumcision slut! From that day forward, I began to get boys to show me their ‘weenies’. Most were circumcised. That didn’t matter to me... I loved seeing them and checking out their scars. Most didn’t even know they were circumcised. I told them. Most required a look or feel of my pussy in return; I complied. I just loved seeing the loose circs with the skin rolled up behind the glans... I loved them tight, with the scar back the shaft... and I even loved teasing the uncircumcised boy in our neighborhood and telling him how one day he was going to be circumcised. He sometimes cried, but always listened intently when I told him how the thing was put on my brothers dinky.

This continued for several years until one day I was horsing around with Junior. One thing led to another and I found myself begging to see his circumcised cock. Junior was 16 and I was 14. It seemed ages ago since I had seen his clipped cock. Back then, it was still hairless and small. But when he showed it to me now, it was a the mighty monster of a teen boy. He had a tuft of black hair just above it and it hung down, kind of plump with a large pink crown. I asked if I could examine it closer and he mumbled that he didn’t care. This would be the beginning of my sexual relationship with my brother. It started out with the ‘exams’ which ended in “rub my bare head, Sissy”... and ended in regular blowjobs, with my brother having free access to my pussy and ass whenever he wanted it. I just couldn’t get enough of the cock I had seen before-circ, during-circ, and post-circ. It was a 10 inch beauty with a light brown, cigar-band ring around a very fat shaft!

During my early high school years, I regularly brought up the subkect of circumcision with my girlfriends. We talked about which boys were circumcised and how their circ looked. We would go up to boys and ask them outright whether they had been circumcised or not. Some didn’t seem to know.... Others knew, proudly said they were and offered to show it to us... others (who weren’t circumcised) usually turned red in the face and refused to answer. We had a rule... you didn’t suck the uncut. If the boy was a perfect 10, you could fuck with him but never, ever suck it on account of cock cheese, etc.

About a year after the sexual exploits with my brother began, disaster struck. My brother (17 at the time) was laying back on my pink bedspread, front of his sweat pants pulled down and I was down on my knees with my dress up and pussy exposed. I was sucking him off after school, as I had done many times before, while I diddled my pussy. This brought me to multiple orgasms. Unbeknown to me, my mother was in the hallway watching the circumcision slut she had created blow the son that she had circumcised. The next day, while Junior was out, she took me aside and told me that she knew what was going on. To my surprise however, she didn’t scream and yell. She told me all about the problems with incest and asked if we had intercourse. I lied and said it was only oral sex and that I wanted to do it. She seemed to be concerned that Junior had coerced me into giving him head. Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth. (In fact, in sweatpants without underwear I could always see his bared glans rim and could keep my hands off his dick.)

Our sexual activity continued throughout high school and to this day. I still love sucking his cock and remember how he was circumcised while I watched. It wasn’t long after my mom caught me blowing Junior, that she would also begin to service his studly circumcised cock.

I now have three small children of my own. My first is a girl and the second a boy. He is 4 now and still is uncircumcised. I’m hoping to have one more son and I think I will circumcise him with a Plastibell at birth. Eventually of course, his older brother will need to be circumcised, perhaps while my daughter watches... just like it occurred with me and Junior.

Globe   Icon denoting 'Adult male'   MATRIARCHAL INDUCTION

In my research I have encountered a quite common fantasy theme of having adult females deciding on and/or imposing circumcision on males. The exact form of these cravings is variable. But I believe it ordinarily starts with an early-years enviroment in which the boy concludes that his mother is in charge of his penis. In these cases you are usually dealing with a mother whose own psyche includes an unusual interest in her son’s male equipment.

Some psychologists see this dynamic as being involved in the development of exhibitionism in males. That sure was true in my case. But the most dramatic form of female-imposed circumcision comes in what I have come to term ‘Matriarchal Induction’. In my research I have encountered this repeatedly. At first it was hard to believe but I have encountered it sooften that I now understand it to be a recurring event. A summary of my thoughts appears below.



MATRIARCHAL INDUCTION is a set of social circumstances through which a boy is subjected to an ongoing process aimed at bringing him into harmony with a matriarchal tradition of the maternal side of the family. The exact form may vary somewhat in the details but the overall thrust is amazingly common. It is most commonly reported by the first-born boy of the generation and is best descscribed using the example of a first-born son not circumcised at birth. But it can involve any boy who is not circumcised at birth. Ordinarily the key player is an aunt. As so often happens in matriarchal situations, the fathers in these cases tends to be a passive individuals who leave all decisions regarding the son to their wife.

Matriarchal Induction starts with an uncircumcised boy becoming aware that his aunt is lobbying his mother to have him circumcised. This process tends to go on for several years without resolution, during which time the boy develops an inner certainty that the fate of his male parts is subject to the whim of family females. Eventually, a circumcision is scheduled but usually only when the boy is at least 6 years old and fully aware of the circumstances. It usually occurs in the boy’s own room at home, perhaps establishing the thought that female control extends even there. An audience of family females is always present to witness his modification. So that the boy can witness this process of female-imposed modification he is given no more than a local anesthetic.

I know one exception where the circumcision took place at about age five. Here no anesthetic was used, perhaps to ensure that the boy would have good recall of the event despite less inherent awareness. As an adult he recalls the incident but has blotted out the pain. But he was often told by his mother over the years of his ‘howling like a wounded animal’ during the process.

After the circumcision there follows several years of the aunt exercising direct periodic control over the boy’s penis. This involves manual handling of the penis by the aunt, to include extensive manipulation of an erection. This can be overtly sexual stimulation or can be hidden under the guise of ‘clinical examination’. This may go on to an age as late as 17.

What this whole induction process achieves is to establish in the boy’s mind the conviction that his penis really belongs to females. That is established in a very dramatic way. But then he is caused to associate pleasurable sensations with surrendering his penis to female control. He is also conditioned to accept female control of his sexual feelings. Judging from the inputs from sources who have experienced this, the process is effective in creating males devoted to playing very subordinate roles with females.

One variation can be for the aunt to turn over the post-circumcision conditioning phase to a female cousin just slightly older than the boy. This generally involves putting him through humiliating performances for the amusement of groups of girls, or even boys his age.

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When submitted, the following text was claimed to be factual. The story involves a ‘kitchen table’ circumision. CIRCLIST recommends that you do not mimic the scenes described. Circumcision should only be carried out by a qualified medical practitioner.

Circumcised by Girlfriend in the USA

My girlfriend told me that she preferred the appearance of a circumcised penis and asked me if I would consider getting circumcised. At first I gave her only evasive answers, but after thinking it over for a few weeks I decided to go ahead and tell her that I would indeed consider it. To my surprise, she was absolutely delighted and became very excited (sexually). We made love right then and as we were doing so she asked me if she could make the arrangements.

When I told her that it was all right with me if she did, she launched into an elaborate fantasy about how she always wanted to have her man circumcised, ritually, as a symbol of the relationship between us. We were making love and the idea was extremely stimulating to me as well as her, so I agreed. I told her that my foreskin is her’s to do with as she will.

Several weeks elapsed and then one day she told me that the arrangements have been made and that I should apply for a week’s vacation from my job. She refused to give more detail.

Well, I did as she asked, applied for the time off, got it and told her so. I had to wait two weeks before I could get coverage to take that time and on the evening of the last day before my vacation began she met me at the front door of my house.

She told me that tonight was the night for my circumcision and that I was to go in immediately and shower.

When I finished with the shower, she brought me my bathrobe, blindfolded me and led me to the living room where she instructed me to lie on top of the coffee table with my head on the seat of a kitchen chair pulled up to one end.

She had no sooner finished tying my hands and feet to the table legs when the doorbell rang sending shivers and goose flesh all over me.

Three female voices greeted her (none of which I recognised) and they really seemed almost to ignore me . They left the living room, and over a period of about an hour I could hear sounds of them talking from the dining room and kitchen. I really couldn’t understand anything.

Eventually they returned and from then on I was the center of attention. My girlfriend kissed me and told me not to speak or ask any questions, that I was simply to lie still and experience what is going to be a experiential circumcision of dynamic proportions. I was terrified, with heart pounding, as she sat at the end of the table holding my head in her hands.

One of the women was the operator and gave directions to the others without speaking directly to me. I was shaved by one of them and then ‘the operator’ told my girlfriend that it would be a month before any form of sex could resume and would she like the opportunity to be alone with me for a short while before they begin?

My girl thought she would and the others returned to the kitchen. It took only a few minutes for her to bring me to orgasm orally and when she finished I was really getting scared because I was no longer sexually excited. My foreskin felt like it was as cold as ice from thinking about what was happening.

The others returned, washed me again and as soon as that was finished the operator attached forceps to my foreskin. I never felt such sensation in my life; my girlfriend continued to hold my head, with her hand over my mouth although I tried desparately to make no sound.

The entire operation took about twenty five minutes, but seemed like hours. It was done without special clamps, only forceps and scalpel, and was neatly sutured when finished.

Thoughts and memories of this experience have since enriched our sex life beyond description and although I wouldn’t want to go through that again, I am glad that I did

George - USA

Flag of Canada   Icon denoting 'Boy'   Circumcised at age 10; mother’s decision

The following text appeared in our Discussion Group as a series of messages:

I was circumcised when I was a 10 year-old boy for ‘medical’ reasons. The reasons were never made clear to me, as I never had any infections or problems with my foreskin. The only problem I had was that the skin did not retract.

I have always suspected that my mother wanted me circumcised from the time of my birth, but was prevented from doing so by my European and therefore uncircumcised father. It may not be a coincidence that I was circumcised only half a year after my parents divorced and she started dating a Canadian, circumcised man.

The first time I ever saw my glans was when the bandage was unwrapped (by my mother) a few days following the circumcision. Never having been exposed to the light of day, the glans was extremely tender and sensitive, almost to the point of pain, each time it came into with anything including underwear, a towel, bed sheets, etc. When I asked my mother why it hurt so much, she replied that it’s supposed to hurt but it will go away after a while. During the several weeks in took for my circumcision wound to heal, my mother would examine my penis almost daily. She said everything was doing well and that I should be proud of my “beautiful circumcised penis”. This was only somewhat reassuring, as the irritation from the constant rubbing of my now-denuded glans was driving me bonkers. Secretly, for several months I was wrapping my cut penis with plastic Saran wrap [cling film] to keep me from going insane, especially at night when trying to sleep. I also tried to pull the remaining shaft skin over the head to masturbate (like I used to to before being sliced) but this was no longer possible, even when soft. Over the course of my teen years I developed my own jerk-off technique, as all circumcised boys and men must do. I learned that by rubbing Vaseline over the entire length of my cock, it would be slippery enough for me to glide a hand up and down the shaft, occasionally touching the glans lightly in order to bring me over the edge.

My circumcision experience may have made me resentful over what had been done to me without my consent. The fact is that I have not let the loss of my foreskin negatively impact my sex life or outlook on sex. As all well-adjusted circumcised males must do, I have learned to enjoy all aspects of circumcised sex. When I discovered (in my 20s) that most women prefer circumcised penises, my interest in the subject was once again rekindled. Today, age 33, I am very interested in reading about any aspect of circumcision. During masturbation, I fantasise about what it would be like to have a foreskin and to masturbate with one. For me, the word ‘circumcision’ evokes strong emotions (mostly positive) and I am happy to report that I am proud to be circumcised.

Any comments or questions are most welcome.


To continue with my life story, I was nearly at wit’s end suffering from the effects of my circumcision at the age of 10. I tried to imagine what it must feel like for a baby to be circumcised without anesthetic and then having the freshly exposed glans coming in contact with wet diapers, feces and whatever else. For me, the complete exposure of the glans felt like when a fingernail is ripped off a finger. It didn’t look much better than it felt, as the glans was blood red from evidently having been stripped of its protective covering.

As for reaction from school friends, I was lucky because I was spared the embarrasment of exposing the ‘new me’. The circumcision took place in the summer and my family moved to a new house across town in September. None of my old friends saw me with my circumcision and the kids in the new school just assumed that I had been circumcised at birth as they were. For this I was most thankful and the ease of fitting in with the other boys was my only consolation for my physical agony. I soon came to accept the fact that the price of being male was to experience the pain of circumcision. Every boy I knew was circumcised so I just figured that they suffered too, as babies, but they didn’t remember the pain as I did.

The extreme sensitivity and discomfort gradually lessened as the years went by. I suppose to some extent I just got accustomed to having my glans continuously exposed, but also the physical sensitivity was reduced from the constant rubbing.

Years later, at the age of 33, I am happy with my circumcision. I was well circumcised, with all foreskin and frenulum removed. When erect, my scar is about ½" from the corona and when soft the scar rests just behind the corona. Although I am not gay, I do enjoy observing other men’s cocks and I especially like it when I see that they have a tight cut with a clearly visible scar line. I guess it’s reassuring to know that as circumcisees, we have all suffered the same or similar pain, the pain of the amputation of our foreskins. Would I have my sons circumcised? Yes, but I would make sure that it was done as soon as possible after birth so they wouln’t remember the pain.


I don’t recall how long it took for the swelling to go down, but I’m sure it must have been at least a couple of weeks. The first few days I experienced excrutiating pain and was bed-ridden for nearly the entire first week following my circumcision. I certainly did not think that what I just had was ‘minor surgery’. As I wrote earlier, the pain continued for several months afterwards, mainly because the glans felt like an open wound and friction against clothing made walking difficult and running or playing sports all but impossible.

During this time, my entire existence centred around my penis. I was painfully aware of my penis and more specifically my circumcision, during every waking moment. I tried putting on a brave face in front of my mother because I figured that since she didn’t have a penis she couldn’t understand what I was going through. I knew that she was very pleased finally have a son who was circumcised and she was sure to mention my circumised status to all her (mostly female) friends, much to my embarassment. The ladies with whom she discussed my circumcision were always pleased to learn that I had been circumcised, but were usually puzzled why I hadn’t been done at birth, as their sons had been. All of this was quite a shock to me, as I never before realized that women talk so candidly about boy’s penises. It was clear to me that all of these women not only approved of circumcision but regarded it as the normal thing to do to a newborn’s penis. When they found out that I had been trimmed at 10, they would usually say to my mother something like “you must be so pleased to have him trimmed”, to which my mother invariably replied that it was long overdue and that she regretted not having me circumcised at birth.

When I overheard some of these conversations, I was sad and hurt, wondering how could they know what it feels like to be circumcised. Nevertheless, when my mother or her friends would ask how I was feeling, I would just say “fine”. This was a lie, because only I and those who acually go through the ordeal of circumcision know the true meaning of pain and humilation.

I tried my best to forget about the whole circumcision thing during my teens. Gradually the discomfort subsided and I learned to live without my foreskin. In my 20s, when I discovered that women prefer circumcised penises from a sexual perspecive, I grew to appreciate what my mother had done for me. Now, I couldn’t imagine what it’s like to still have foreskin, but I wouldn’t want it back anyway. As anyone circumcised after infancy can tell you, once everthing is healed and the glans becomes less sensitive, being circumcised is actually quite satisfying.


I have received a couple of emails (privately) asking me why it was humiliating to be circumcised at the age of 10. I have already described the physical pain that I had suffered, but there is an emotional side as well. Having so much attention focused on my penis at this tender age was difficult. Prior to the surgery, my mother and I made a special trip to see the doctor, who examined my penis. Then my mother and he had a short discussion, again concerning my penis. This in itself was an embarrassing and awkward situation for a kid who was shy to begin with. Arriving at the hospital on the day of the surgery was a similar experience, only this time much worse as many other people were now involved. The check-in clerk, nurses and orderlies all seemed to know that I was there to be circumcised. Again, very humiliating indeed.

Following the surgery, my mother would talk about my circumcision to almost all her friends. Again, they were talking about MY penis, MY body, as if I had no say in the matter. Sometimes, there would be jokes made and roaring laughter, again at my expense. I overheard comments like “Did they take it all off?”, and “He should be thankful they didn’t cut his whole weenie off while they were at it!”. Meanwhile, I was crying from the excruciating physical pain caused by the scarring of my glans and of course from the incision itself. One lady friend of my mother’s seemed to take a particular interest in my circumcision. Each time she would visit, she made a point of asking me if I was okay and whether I was glad to finally be circumcised. I confessed to her that it was very painful, especially when I had a boner, and I was no longer able to pleasure myself. She was horrified and said I must never say these things again. She said I was circumcised for my own good and that I should thank my mother for circumcising me. She also said that all boys are circumcised so I have nothing to complain about. She said my mother had paid a lot of money for my circumcision and that it was not easy for her to see her little boy’s penis all bloodied and bandaged. ‘A little pain for long term gain’ was her basic message. At that age, all I could think about was ‘How could they do this to us? Why aren’t we just born circumcised?’ Anyway, I have never shared the pain of my circumcision with anyone (especially not my mother) until now.

Like all difficult experiences, both physical and emotional, I got over it in time. Adversity builds character, and circumcision certainly helped to build mine. Scraped knees or sprained ankles were no longer a big deal for me because I had gone through an ordeal far more painful than any of these injuries. Emotionally, I am okay knowing that most women prefer circumcised partners and that this is probably a big factor in routine infant circumcisions. Unlike the few men out there who seek to restore their foreskins, I accept the fact that I am circumcised and will remain circumcised for the remainder of my life. What’s more, I can rejoice in knowing that I have a penis that is an object of desire to the fairer sex.

Flag of the UK   Icon denoting 'Adult'   Icon denoting 'Heterosexual'   UK Girlfriend Insisted on my Circumcision

It looks like I am going to be circumcised next Tuesday. I think my girlfriend set me up. When I stopped by her office to pick her up last evening, the lady doctor was waiting to talk to me. She took me into her office and told me she and my girlfriend have been talking about me. She asked me if I knew how much my girlfriend wanted me to be circumcised, then went on to tell me what she thought and how she highly recommends it for young men. She made a lot of sense and just about had me convinced to go ahead with it.

The doctor asked me if I would mind my girlfriend joining in to talk about it; I said it would be okay. We all had a long talk about it and I heard things from my girlfriend that showed me she really wanted me to be circumcised. By the end of our conversation I was feeling much more at ease and told them I would get it done.

I was told that she could make the appointment for me if I wished. I said go ahead. Within a few minutes I was booked in for next Tuesday afternoon. So, I guess I will be joining the rank of circumcised men soon.

My girlfriend plans to come with me and hopes to hold my hand during the surgery. Wish me luck!

Next message...

Now that it looks like I have committed to my circumcision, I am getting a bit excited about the whole process. My girlfriend is delighted that I have decided to grant her wish and have the surgery. She has plans for me and told me how she wants to help make the whole experience one we will never forget. She wants to take photos after she shaves me but before I get cut, then again afterwards as I heal. She wants to be with me when I see the doctor (she wants to make sure I ask for a high and tight cut> and she plans to ask the doctor to allow her to be there when he circumcises me.

We will be driving down to London Tuesday afternoon and back home that night. I hope I won’t be in too much pain. She said she will take good care of me and somehow I know that she will.

John - UK

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