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Fact and fantasy from the woman’s viewpoint. Stories are arranged in alphabetical order of the country to which they relate.

Globe   Icon denoting 'Adult female'   I persuaded him to get done....

First I’d like to tell you that my boyfriend, Jamie, has now been circumcised! The result of a long period of nagging, persuasion and even a little gentle blackmail! It’s still healing, but doing well with the swelling and bruising going down. I must say I was bit surprised at the appearance when I took the dressing off for him - think of a Jackson Pollock painting on a bad day! Before you all ask, he was cut tight, frenum excised and the scar about 25 mm (1inch) behind the head. We decided to remove most of his inner foreskin, but wanted the scar to be visible to remind me of what he’d had done to himself to please me. That’s what really excites me, knowing that a man has had his sexual organ modified, part of it cut off, to make it perfect for sexual pleasure. If I’m honest, I did get wet while I held his hand and watched it being cut off. I’m finding it very frustrating waiting to try it out - still a couple of weeks to go. It’s not about controlling a man, only making him perfect. I suppose it’s like most people enjoy a glass of wine with their food, but some become connoisseurs. Most women enjoy a cut cock, but some of us are acucullophiacs and don’t just find the cut penis sexually better, but find the 'idea' of circumcision a turn-on in itself. So apparently do some of you guys. Just a word of warning to any girls whose boyfriend is about to be cut, keep to your own side of the bed while he’s healing! I was too affectionate to Jamie on the first night and the inevitable happened! Fortunately the erection didn’t last long - I think the stinging makes it go away quickly.


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After reading about re-circumcision on the CIRCLIST website I decided to have my two sons re-circumcised. I was never happy with the loose skin that was left over by the doctor at birth. (The same Doctor did both boys). So I arranged it with a urologist and my sons, age 10 and 14 at the time, now have beautifully tight circumcisions. There is absolutely no movement of shaft skin towards the head of their penises, which I just adore and reckon that their future lovers and wives will adore it too and thank me for having it done. Now that the heads of their penises are fully exposed and permanently bared, I can personally say that the appearance is much sexier to look at and cleaner as well. I also encourage my boys to appreciate the look of their newly remodeled penises and to not be shy around girls because, when those girls get a look at their super tight circumcisions they will just go crazy for them.

Alexis (Canada)

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Here in Europe, basically no one is circumcised at birth. All the men I dated before my marriage were uncircumcised. Interestingly the foreskin’s morphology differs very much from man to man; in some cases the glans was fully covered even in full erection, with some of the skin protruding beyond the tip of the glans. In other cases, there was virtually no foreskin covering the glans, very much like a cut penis. The majority were almost covered fully when limp. My husband had a fairly long foreskin which would extend over the glans even when fully erect. Of course, it could be easily pulled back and I particularly liked to do that during foreplay. The feeling of the foreskin moving back and forth over the erect penis is quite stimulating for the female partner. I also liked to give small bites to the foreskin.

For me, sexual intercourse was pleasant but not terribly gratifying. It seemed to me that my husband was penetrating his own foreskin rather than my vagina. Once or twice, I discussed that with him, suggesting we should hold his foreskin back during intercourse. Obviously this was not very practical. While I was away, visiting my parents, my husband secretly decided to go for circumcision as an outpatient. On my return, ten days later, he found some good excuses for not making love for a few days. I was getting suspicious about his behavior when he told me all about it. After my initial shock, I was impatient to see what they had done to his penis. I had never seen a circumcised penis before and only knew that some communities practiced circumcision as a religious rite. The appearance of his newly-circumcised penis amazed me and I found it to be extremely erotic. I could see a clear dark line close to the glans, where the incision was made and the glans itself was proudly on display. Though he said he was still sore, the cut had completely healed up. His foreskin was totally removed and his shaft was smooth. The frenulum was intact and there was enough skin mobility over the shaft for caresses and masturbation. We made love for the first time about 10 days later (i.e. 25 days after his circumcision). I must admit I felt his thrust much more intensely and enjoyed sex much better than before. He also felt much better inside me.

In one day I moved from a total ignorance of circumcision to being pro-circumcision. My sex life has radically changed and so has my husband’s. His glans seems to have grown bigger and the look is neater and more appealing. Regarding sensitivity, all we’ve heard about decreasing sensitivity is simply absurd. My husband responds positively to my slightest touch.

I have meanwhile got interested in this subject and discussed circumcision openly with a few of my female friends. Three of them have had sex with circumcised men as well and have experienced similar feelings. One negative point though - masturbating a circumcised penis is somewhat less practical as the remaining skin is less mobile. However the other advantage overrule this point.

My husband’s only regret is that he was not circumcised as a baby as he was quite embarrassed to undergo this procedure at his age. Our 2 sons were circumcised in their first month, not to "look like dad" or for any other classical reasons such as hygiene or cancer, but because we are convinced that circumcision definitely enhances sexuality. And cosmetically, what a look, WHAAOO! It seems that the US is crowded with anti-circumcision movements giving all kind of funny reasons why circumcisions should be "abolished". The only good reason I would see in their views is the pain the poor little baby is undergoing. Today a large panoply of local anesthetics are available, so your dear little one need not feel it at all.

Christelle (Europe)

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I am Imasha from Sri Lanka living in Uhana, Ampara. As a female, I would like to share the story of my brother’s circumcision; he was circumcised at the age of 22 in April 1979. We follow the Buddhist religion where circumcision is not a common thing. I can surely say that very few Buddhist in Sri Lanka would even have heard about circumcision. As a family in a Buddhist village we lived in a rural area of Sri Lanka where farming is the main occupation for most. My father worked as a postmaster in the nearby post office.

Our village is located near a Muslim village, where circumcision was common, yet most of our villagers have never ever heard about it. As a lucky person I had some Muslim friends where they related stories of circumcision in their village. I was eager to go there on a day to see a circumcision. One of my friends promised me that I can come there to see her brother’s circumcision. I have heard that the most boys are circumcised between the ages of 6 and 18. I have heard that how they celebrate and many other stories. But before I got the chance to visit my friend’s place to view a circumcision, unexpectedly there was a circumcision party at our place.

My brother had some problems with his genitals, so the doctor in the local peripheral hospital has said that the foreskin is too tight and should be immediately circumcised to avoid any further problems. Later on I got to know that his foreskin had been so tight that even when erect the glans wouldn’t come out and it caused severe pain. In addition to this, he also seems to have had problems when passing the urine.

My father had the option of taking my brother to the General hospital or the base hospital which are located at a distance of 250km and 175km respectively, where he could be given an anesthetic, However my father had decided it was too far to travel (taking at least four days for the whole procedure) and pointless when the circumcision can be done at home.

It was on April 1979, my brother was 22 years of age and I was 19 years. I can’t remember the date exactly, it was on a Sunday where everybody was off and at home. My father invited some of his Muslim friends to assist with the circumcision procedure, which was common for them. The circumcision was scheduled for 10am. At around 9am dad’s friends arrived to help with the procedure.

The friends of my dad had already started to have a chat with my brother and they were guiding him to shave off his pubic area when, at around 9:30am and to my brother’s embarrassment the doctor of the peripheral hospital arrived. My brother was so embarrassed because the doctor is a female. My mother had an argument with my father, asking why he had invited a female to do the procedure, but later on my father explained that she was the only person who had prior experience in circumcision.

As per the doctor’s guidelines a bed had been arranged in a place with enough of light to carry out the procedure. After having a cup of coffee and sweets it was around 10:15am when they decided its the time to perform the circumcision.

My brother was wearing a t-shirt and a sarong (a traditional Sri Lankan and an Indian dress which all the men usually wear) when he was escorted by my mother to the bed, and I can see my mother was really tensed. My brother laid down in the bed with his t-shirt removed to avoid any interference. I have never seen an adult penis directly except in films.

When the doctor indicated that she was ready to perform the surgery, my dad’s friend went forward to help her. My brothers sarong was removed exposing his genitals. Four of my father’s friend took charge of his limbs. The doctor started to perform the surgery; when she began to cut the foreskin my brother shouted with pain and tried to move his hands and legs, but he was held down until the surgery finished. Afterwards he said that at first he felt the pain but later on he felt as it was buring in the pubic area.

The surgery did not take long, within five minutes everything was over. The doctor told my brother to allow six weeks to heal, and prescribed him some medicines, I think some antibiotics and anti erection pills maybe. He was in the bed completely for four days before he started to resume his normal schedule. However it took two days for the medicine to reach our place.

During night I was beside his bed to help him, and then only I noticed that he got erected during night, where he woke up with pain. Since he was wearing a sarong everything is clearly visible and during this time only I estimated his girth and length.

As time went by our family shifted to Colombo for future prospects and I recently learnt that the circumcision traditions and the ritual way of circumcision is no more there in Ampara; now all the people go to the nearby hospital for circumcision which can be done with anesthesia. I am really glad that I at least got a chance to see how the circumcision used to be performed.

My brother was really excited about his circumcision and he was really happy about it. Once I overheard him talking to his friends that the masturbation is better after his circumcision.

Imasha (Sri Lanka)

Flag of Sweden   Icon denoting 'Adult female'   Circumcision in our Swedish nudist family....

I am a Swedish single mom with a sixteen year old son and in our home nudity is something natural. At home we seldom wear any clothes and in the summer we often visit our local nudist beach.

I have always thought that a circumcised penis is the most beautiful thing and my former husband got circumcised at my request. When our son was born we decided not to have him circumcised and leave the decision to him. You can just guess how happy I was when he was 12 and told me that he wanted to be circumcised. I phoned my lady friend who is a surgeon the same day and made an appointment. A couple of weeks later he went thru surgery and when he was healed we were all very happy with the result. She made an excellent job and left no movement of the shaft skin and placed the scar pretty high up the shaft.

Our friends at the nudist beach noticed directly that my son had been cut and they all thought it looked nice. They had many curious questions, to say the least.

Now he is sixteen and it’s quite obvious that my friend did a very good job. We are both completely shaved and his shaft has no wrinkles at all, as it should be. He always looks nude and beautiful. Women tell me what a nice and handsome son I have and I love their comments. I agree with them. Several of my friend’s sons have now become circumcised and they all love it.

Kristina (Sweden)

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Kevin, before and after. 55908 bytes
March 19th is the anniversary of the circumcision of my boyfriend Kevin and always cause for a little celebration.

His circumcision is quite tight when fully erect, but fairly loose when flaccid because he changes length very considerably on erection (more or less doubles in length!). The scar line is clearly defined and placed well back on the shaft. All the inner skin was preserved and only outer skin was cut away. His frenulum, which had been very short and tight, was cut away from the glans but not removed. It is still very noticeable.

Kevin is extremely pleased to be circumcised. He works in a catering kitchen and now notices the difference that being circumcised makes. Previously he got very sticky and smelly under the foreskin during the working day, especially in summer. Now it is much less sticky and not at all smelly. I’m told he received a freehand circumcision, performed by a local Jewish physician who is quite experienced in these matters.

I much prefer him circumcised, and he likes it much better too!

Vera (UK)

Flag of the UK   Icon denoting 'Adult female'   Wife Gets Circumcised Husband for Christmas!

Perhaps a contribution from an older woman might shed a little reality on female preferences for male circumcision, even though I cannot offer the wealth of alternative sexual partners which your contributors seem to have enjoyed. I was virgin at marriage and haveremained monogamous. However, I have experienced the uncut and circumcised state!

In England, apart from religious or explicit medical need, circumcision has become rather rare and my husband’s uncircumcised state was not a matter for query or concern. After some 5 years of marriage my DH had to visit New York on business, shortly before the birth of our second child. When he returned just before Christmas neither had particular sexual urges owing to my advanced pregnancy and I did not notice that he was being less revealing of his body than normal.

I was safely delivered and some weeks later the usual urges returned and I was amazed and infuriated to discover that he had been circumcised and the scars still looked rather angry. As much as anything, I felt that this should have been a joint decision, furthermore it had incurred expenditure which we could ill afford at the time.

He explained that he had read articles suggesting links between cancer of the cervix and the presence of the foreskin and, in any event, felt that I might enjoy the suggested reduction of male sensitivity, being somewhat slow to climax myself and that I might treat it as a Christmas present!

Ater a furious row I accepted that he was trying to please me (although in retrospect I suspect alternative motives) and our normal relationship resumed.

So, what were the effects?

Unfortunately too much skin had been removed, such that the frenum tugged the glans downward - an angry spectacle in erection - until after a particularly vigorous session, we found that the frenum had ruptured, releasing the glans to a more normal profile. He was too embarrassed to question whether it should be restored and after staunching the blood, the severed ends healed quite quickly and eventually atrophied to little more than 'pimples'.

After 25 years, I accept his circumcision as an inconsequential fact. Possibly I receive the greater benefit since he is relatively insensitive and slow to climax. He is disadvantaged by the lack of that smoothly running tissue when I wish to initiate action and, to some extent, that reduces spontaneity.

I have not been sufficiently persuaded of benefits of circumcision to have my own sons circumcised.

I referred earlier to dubious motivations and I suspect that his circumcision was a ploy to persuade me to have my clitoral hood trimmed - a procedure that I have successfully avoided! Once we had got over my initial objections and whilst I was still relatively devoid of pubic hair following childbirth, I discovered that lack of hair was, for him, a terrific 'turn-on'. He had persuaded me that his circumcision was for me, but finding me unwilling to follow suit, he changed tack to wanting me to remain hairless as the quid pro quo!

The best of men can be pigs and we spent a lot of effort finding practical methods to indulge his whim. He has put our conclusions in Newsgroups at alt.hair-removal, which may interest your many enquirers on this topic.

The important message must be that physical features are of trivial importance compared to affection and mutual consideration, which is what has kept us together for over 30 years.

Antonia (UK)

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I could not bring myself to give oral sex to Charles. Even if he showered before sex, it wasn’t long at all before the smell returned. As soon as I skinned him back, you could smell his strong, cheesy scent. This made any spontaneous sucking impossible. Intercourse was different than anything I had ever experienced. There was much less feeling for me, even though he is quite large. This I believe was because of his sliding in and out of his own foreskin for stimulation, rather than the bared glans sliding back and forth directly in my vagina providing both of us with stimulation. After Charles’ circumcision, our sex life greatly improved and he is convinced sex feels better for him too.

Susan (UK)

Flag of the USA   Icon denoting 'Magazine'   Icon denoting 'Adult female'   From the US edition of Playgirl magazine....

Several weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were having a heated debate at 5am in our local diner. As it sometimes happens with couples who have been dating for about a year, the subject of children had slipped into the conversation. Then, much to the dismay of my aching head, it made a left turn and veered into... the circumcision zone.

My Irish (as in, born and raised there) beau was adamant. “No son of mine..” the speech began, punctuated by a fist pounding on the Formica countertop. He quickly pointed out that while circumcision is the rule in America, it’s the exception in most other parts of the world, and that no one was going anywhere near his kids with the intention of snipping off anything below the diaper line. “When it comes to your manhood,” he proclaimed, “there is no such thing as extra!”

“Pray for girls” I replied, only half kidding as I found myself remembering back to the early days of my own sexual awakening. Late one night in the college dorm, when the talk turned to affairs of the libido - as it often did - the topic of "the uncut wonder worm" reared its princely head, only to be met by a resounding, near unanimous chorus of "Ew, that is so gross!"

You’reUncut! (54117 bytes)

Being products of the 1970s, my peers and I were indoctrinated into the mind set of uncut = unclean. Through sheer coincidence, I’d never seen - much less handled - an uncut specimen "in the flesh" until the 90s, which only reinforced what by then I’d come to believe. And I don’t think my experience was atypical of American women my age. The uncut penis had gotten a really bad rap in the past couple hundred years in this country and it will probably take a lot of rethinking to overcome its negative reputation.

IT’S THE CHEESIEST!  Oddly enough, though we learn to discard many of the taboos brought with as our sexual horizons expand, this one stereotype persists. In an informal survey I conducted of about 10 women who ranged in age from their early 20s to their late 40s, all stated a preference (however slight) for members of the circumcised persuasion. "It just looks funny to me," confessed Paige, a 27-year old administrative assistant. "Like one of the Seven Dwarfs who wore the funny hat. Dopey? Sleepy?" And appearance isn’t the only aspect, about a foreskin that women find daunting. Whether a man is circumcised or not is no barometer of his hygiene, but for some, one bad apple really can spoil the whole barrel. "I had a really awful experience with the guy I was living with for a while," Kate, a 34-year old software editor told me. "He wasn’t circumcised - and frankly, he just always had that funky smell, so I never wanted to go down on him. I eventually realized that he had a lot of bad habits when it came to both sex and hygiene, but by then, the idea of an uncircumcised cock had become a real turn off, and whenever a new guy unzipped his pants, the thought of Velveeta would pop into my head."

MEETING THE UNCUT MEMBER.  Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is that since uncircumcised penises are thought by many to be more sensitive than circumcised ones, men who have them may be more tender lovers. The bad news, according to sex therapist/educator Patti Britton, PhD, is that this same increased sensitivity can lead to premature ejaculation. "The trigger tends to go off a lot easier," she says.

Another logistical obstacle you may encounter is that with the extra skin involved, it’s often more difficult to get a condom over an uncircumcised penis. Should you run into this problem with your man, Britton suggest trying larger condoms. She recommends Trojan Magnums, which, she explains, are not the longest, but the widest condoms she’s found on the market. The extra girth should allow you to bag your uncircumcised man comfortably.

Though I admit that sex with a "caped crusader" was an acquired taste, it was definitely worth the time it took to plug into the learning curve. For many women, me included, the biggest stumbling block was learning to perform oral sex comfortably on an uncut lover. "It’s an odd sensation to place your mouth around moving skin," points out Britton. Don’t worry if it takes you some time to adjust as with anything new, practice and a good attitude will make all the difference. "If he’s your first uncircumcised lover, the experience will be different. But rather than concentrate on negative stereotypes, you can break them with play. He’s got something you’ve never dealt with before, so instead of fearing it, celebrate it." She even suggests giving his member a cute nick-name, dressing it up in costume or decorating it with user-friendly body paints to accentuate - rather than minimize - his special accessory.

CLEAN UP YOUR ACT.  Many couples already know the sensual joy of showering together. Using mild soap, lather him up from head to toe, paying special attention to his love muscle. Sudsing his shaft often results in the dual-benefit of making him clean and hard. Some uncircumcised guys are so sensitive they may come right then and there. Alternatively, place a towel and washcloth next to your bed, along with a bowl of warm, oil scented or herb-infused water. Dip the cloth in the water, gently pull back his foreskin and wipe your worries away. Be thorough but gentle at all times. Scrubbing is a definitely a no-no! If you use any form of latex contraceptives, steer clear of products that are not water based. Britton cautions that when you are using anything that comes into contact with mucous membranes, it must be 100% natural and chemical free. (Try the Kama Sutra product line, available from retailers of sex products nationwide.)

Britton also advises one good way to acclimate yourself to making love to an uncircumcised man is to de-emphasize the genitals as "The Main Event". She says that too much of the focus is placed on genital stimulation during love making. "Work on making sex a whole person/whole body experience. Concentrate on other areas of the body. Create romantic, erotic touching with a focus on pleasure, not orgasm."

[Original title: To Cut or Not to Cut. First published in Playgirl Magazine (US edition), April 1996. Photo added by CIRCLIST.]

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As a nurse I deal with the consequences of failure to circumcise and if I had the power I would make the procedure compulsory in infancy. A parent that says “I’ll wait until he grows up” is ignoring their responsibilities.

I am grateful to be married to a circumcised guy and recall with horror my few adolescent fumblings with uncuts. They are unclean and they are no fun at all. My personal preference is for a tight circumcision with a scar close to the corona and no frenulum remaining, but so long as the glans is permanently exposed I’m satisfied.

As a mother I have ensured that my own two sons were circumcised at birth and that they benefited from this type of cut. I would never want to have them come back at me when they’re older to say that they were anything less than totally circumcised.

Mary (USA)

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As a woman I love coming to your site. I strongly prefer circumcised penis to a natural one. I hope that people who are sometimes mislead about circumcision come to this site and read up on your great information about circumcision, especially future parents. I have always favored circumcision, since I was a little girl. As soon as I was able to understand about the male penis my mom gave me a chat about circumcision and how I was only to marry a circumcised guy. Being circumcised has many benfits: No more excess foreskin causing bacteria and accumulation of smegma, the penis head is always exposed, women with circumcised partners have a lower risk of cancer of the cervix.... and more. I never gave much thought to the appearance of an uncut cock because I always pictured a circumcised cock as the only cock. I love how their heads peak out to the tip and are so dry!

Just looking at their dark scar line is an heavy turn on. I’m a circumcision gal all the way. I know many women prefer a circumcised penis to a snake in the grass...I love my husband’s circumcision; it is called the high and tight cut and was done when he was an infant, placing the scar line about an inch down from his cute penis head, I love the dark scar line showing that he was circumcised, and to top it off his frenulum never grew in so he lasts longer in bed compared to uncut guys. Sex is great for the both of us. As a parent the choice is yours; remember you have nothing to lose and all to gain.

Ann (USA)

Flag of the USA   Icon denoting 'Adult female'   A mother-in-law insists! ....

My son got circumcised at age 30 to please an insistent girlfriend. I have a friend who was a hospital nurse for many years and assisted in dozens of circumcisions of young men whose fiancées insisted on it before they were married. I even know of one case where the girl’s MOTHER insisted on it!

Janet (USA)

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My daughter is a semi-retired nurse. She devotes a certain amount of her time doing pro bono work among the elderly in her local community, looking after them in their homes. Cleanliness is often difficult to achieve among the elderly, especially those with limited mobility. A good deal of effort goes into bathing her "gentlemen". She is absolutely convinced that all men who might ever need home help should be circumcised well before that need comes up. It is almost impossible to retract foreskins and clean the penises of elderly and immobile men. With a high level of incontinence, the penis is seldom dry and the uncircumcised collect foul-smelling, bacteria-laden coatings on the glans.

Anonymous (USA)

Flag of the USA   Icon denoting 'Adult female'   Wow! That nurse enjoyed watching....

Many years ago my husband’s surgeon was assisted by a male nurse, but during the procedure a young female nurse stopped by and began to watch and ask the doctor questions about why the circumcision was being done. She wiped hubby’s brow and asked how he was doing, but he insists she appeared to become quite aroused over it.  Afterwards, while he was in the recovery room, she came to the waiting room to tell me how much I would like the result, and I would agree she appeared to me to be quite flushed and aroused. Any girlfriend or new wife is very fortunate, if she falls in love with an uncircumcised man who agrees to get himself circumcised for the pleasure of both of them.

Janet (USA)

Flag of the USA   Icon denoting 'Adult female'   Another hospital nurse report....

I am a nurse in the critical care unit of my hospital, but I work in other departments when needed. In my job I see a lot of uncircumcised men who have various problems with infections and tight foreskins, also men who simply want to be circumcised. Circumcision is not as uncommon as many may think in adult men. It is a simple, painless procedure and heals within about ten days. A local anesthetic is used and the procedure takes about twenty minutes. Often, they are being circumcised at the request of their wives.

As a woman, I definitely prefer circumcised men. Other than my husband, I did have one brief experience with an uncircumcised man. I prefer circumcised men for many reasons. I told my husband before we were married that I wanted him to be circumcised. Every nurse I know prefers circumcised men. We simply see the problems caused by foreskins and know what could happen to us if our husbands are not circumcised. We see many women in hospital with infections caused by uncircumcised partners who neglect proper cleaning under the foreskin. Women suffer needlessly because men do not or will not look after their penises. A foreskin needs to be fully withdrawn and washed thoroughly at least once a day. The inner layer of the foreskin has glands that create a substance called smegma. This is a continuous process, hence, the need for daily cleaning.

Why do I prefer a circumcised penis?  I absolutely refuse to perform fellatio on an uncircumcised man. There is almost always an unpleasant smell to the uncircumcised penis. Remember, under the foreskin, stale urine and smegma collect and can create a foul odor if not washed away every day. Just urinating can cause a smell as the urine decomposes. A circumcised penis is much easier to keep clean. A circumcised penis feels much better for me during sex because the loose foreskin does not smooth out the glans and coronal rim of the penis; I really can can feel the difference. The stimulation to both me and partner comes directly from the rubbing of the flared glans. In an uncircumcised man, he receives pleasure from pumping back and forth inside his own foreskin. This may be fine for him but it reduces my pleasure. I think a circumcised penis looks sexier; the foreskin looks like an anteater’s head or an elephant’s trunk. The glans is the best looking part of the penis, so why not leave it permanently exposed? I prefer masturbating a circumcised penis because the loose skin doesn’t get in the way.

I have had bladder infections contracted from men who are not circumcised. For a woman, these are most unpleasant. I felt like I had to constantly urinate and when I did, the burning sensation was most painful. I never had such an infection with a circumcised man or with my husband since he has been circumcised. Again, a circumcised penis is simply, much cleaner and is far more sanitary regarding bacteria, etc. I made my husband, before he was circumcised, wash his penis thoroughly just before we had sex. This is not a great contribution to spontaneity.

My husband is much happier since he was circumcised. He says sensation is greatly increased for him. He can feel me during intercourse because his glans is always exposed. Before, he used to slide back and forth inside his foreskin, hardly feeling me at all.

Please remember that circumcision is a very minor operation. It may be done in a doctor’s office or in the outpatient department of a hospital. Most doctors at my hospital do their adult circumcisions in the emergency treatment room.

Anonymous (USA)

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I recently asked my 21 year old son what he thought about not having had any choice in the matter of his circumcision. He thanked me for having him circumcised at birth because he definitely preferred to be circumcised and was glad he "...had gotten it over with..." at an age when he really didn’t know anything about it. His younger brother 15, resents not being circumcised at birth and has asked his older brother (father is deceased) if he can get him circumcised. I’m sure we will accommodate his request. In retrospect, I wish I had circumcised both boys at birth

Ruth Ann (USA)

Flag of the USA   Icon denoting 'Adult female'   Two partners agreed to get it done....

I have always thought that the cut cock was much more beautiful than the version nature produced. No offense guys, but the natural look reminds me of an elephant’s trunk whereas the circ’ed version just has that beautifully shaped head looking like the head of an arrow ready to do its damage. If I had been blessed with a dick I would really not be happy unless I had been cut.

My first really serious boyfriend was uncircumcised. As you might guess I was disappointed that the dick I now had to play with wasn’t my ideal. I began to put pressure on him to do something about it. That sweetheart agreed, and just for me! We eventually broke up, but he indicated he was not sorry he had gotten circumcised.

My husband was also uncircumcised when we met, and he too has since gotten circumcised. While he always washed just before sex, which was necessary if he wanted to have a blow job, I still much prefer giving him head now that he is cut. All that excess skin is no longer in the way and his bare cockhead is flared and dry, which turns me on even more. Our sons will definitely be circumcised, although we do not favor infant circumcision but instead will wait until they are closer to puberty.

Susy (USA)

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My husband had a very long, thick foreskin which did not retract automatically when erect. I had to peel him back and no matter if he had just washed or not, there was always a smell which turned me off. When having intercourse with me, his foreskin would slide back up over the glans and he would be sliding in and out of his own foreskin, rather than inside my pussy. This provided very little stimulation for me. Consequently, after discussing this for several months (during which time he did not provide me with one orgasm), I convinced him to be circumcised.

He went to a urologist recommended by our family doctor. Unfortunately, the circumcision was done pretty loosely; there was a large roll of skin left just behind the glans when he was soft and the frenulum was also still intact. However, this was much improvement of the uncut state. After we had sex with his newly circumcised penis, my husband told everyone how it was the best thing he ever did. Sex was much better for him as well as for me. Unfortunately, I still didn’t like blowing him because that roll of skin behind his glans smelled just like his old, stinky foreskin. I spoke to my gynecologist and she recommended another (female) surgeon. Both my husband and I went in to see her about tightening my husband’s circumcision and also about removing his frenulum.

She indicated it would be no problem and did the procedure, while I watched, about a week later. We are very happy with the results. He now has a very tight circumcision with no frenulum remaining. Even soft, there is no loose skin bunched up behind the glans. Sex is much better for both of us.

We have two sons, ages 10 and 7 and are planning to circumcise both of them very soon.

Karen (USA)

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I’ve always had something of a fetish for circumcised men. I think the circumcised penis is much more attractive than the uncircumcised and I’ve always enjoyed sexual activity more with circumcised guys. I’ve been with many circumcised guys (and a few uncircumcised) and I always find it fascinating it look closely and try to see how the operation was done. I like Playgirl magazine because they generally use circumcised models (but, as woman, its not like I have much of a choice when it comes to erotic magazines anyway!). When I read erotic fiction, I enjoy it when there is some reference to whether or not a male character is circumcised.

Kelly (USA)

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I have two boys, both circumcised, and if I ever have another boy he too will join the ranks of the circumcised. My brother and his wife are recent graduates of medical school and are now doctors. They both find medical merit in circumcision and they have told me that circumcision still has plenty of advocates. It is, as I write this, a valid and legal medical procedure. Some parents are for and some against, but as of today, it is still my choice as a parent to choose this procedure for my child, no matter what my reason.

I have had many sex partners, and none were uncut. I live in the south, maybe location has something to do with this although I doubt it. I have friends all over, and all of our sons are circ’d. Circumcision is strongly favored (in fact, insisted upon) by all of the females I know.

Sally (USA)

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As a nurse in the maternity wing of a large hospital, I have assisted with several hundred circumcisions. I am 100% in favor of routine circumcision. It’s a simple operation lasting only a few minutes and it provides a lifetime of benefits. At the hospital where I practice, about 60 percent of baby boys are circumcised and I strongly encourage any expectant mother to do it. While the baby sometimes cries loudly during the procedure, most quiet right down after being released from the Circumstraint (the board to which the baby’s arms and legs are strapped during the procedure). Assisting during circumcisions is the favorite part of my job, as I think it’s a moment of magic when a baby boy’s glans is permanently exposed for the first time in his young life. If a mother truly loves her son, she should definitely insist on circumcision.

Sandra (USA)

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I told my mom that we had been having a conversation about circumcisions and she said that my brother was done because of the health reasons. She said that it was better for him and that she could not see why some mothers don’t do it. I asked her about it hurting when it is done and she said he never felt it and she was in the room with him. We also got up the nerve to ask a few of the guys we hang out with about it and they all said an uncut guy looks gross and they always try to hide it because they are ashamed of it. My best friend is a candy striper at the hospital here and she went to the newborn nursery this afternoon and looked at the babies there. She saw a little red card on the basinettes of the boy babies showing that they were circumcised. She said all of the boys had the red card. 3 of my girlfriends babysit for boys and said that the tip of their penises show so they must be cut.  If that many boys are cut then there has to be something good about it or they wouldn’t have been done is the way we see it.  Me and a couple of my friends read the letters here and we all agree that if you want to be done, get it done now. We also think that it is what you want that matters the most. To the person that wanted to know about the pictures we saw, we saw the ones where they use the plastic clamp that falls off by itself and the one called the Tara KLamp that is used on bigger boys and men, it was kind a neat seeing the before and after pictures. Ugly before and neat after it was done. My mom said that the dark circle is where the clamp was put when they cut the skin. She says that not all boys have a circle because there are so many ways to cut it and some don’t leave a mark like that. I asked her how you can tell then if he is cut and she said that if you can’t pull the skin over the tip then the guy is cut. Gee we are getting more education on the net than we got in health class. We want to know what other girls think about this.since we are the ones that have to live with the guys.

Anonymous (USA)

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