Beitrag zur Technic der Beschneidung
(Study of a technique for circumcision.)

Hautarzt 4:172-174, 1954

Otto Dietz
Aus der Dermatologischen Abteilung der Krankenhauses der Volkspolizei Berlin (Chefarzt: Dr. med Maiss)
From the dermatology division of the VolksPolizei Hospitals (Chief Medical Officer: Dr. med Maiss)

Es wird eine kurz Übersicht über der plastichen Circumcisionsmethoden gegeben und danach ein Gerät zur vereinfachten Phimosenoperation dargestellt. Handhabung und Operationstechnik werden aufgezeit.

A brief overview of circumcision methods is given and then a device for simplified phimosis operations is presented . The equipment and its usage is detailed.

This study presents a device invented by Dietz which essentially combines a slit-type shield (mogen) with a pair of curved scissors, all in one instrument. The shield protects the glans so that the scissors can only cut foreskin. He makes plain that this is a modernization of the ritual technique. In the last 3 years his division has carried out 450 circumcisions. 90% of the patients were born between 1932 and 1935 (and so in their late teens and early 20s), but their youngest patient was 6 months old and the oldest 70 years. In other words, at this time it was not prophylactic infant circumcision but a treatment for phimosis.