Dietz O., 1970 Erfahrungsbericht ├╝ber 2800 Zirkumzisionen (eine sexualhygienische Betrachtung).
[Experience report on 2800 circumcisions (a sexual hygienic observation)].
Dermatologische Monatsschrift 156(12): 1029-1034

SUMMARY: Circumcision, used as a term in medicine, is best defined as the surgical removal, in the male, of a ring of preputial tisssue so, that the glans penis is left largely or entirely uncovered. It is a procedure which has demonstrated its value especially in genital hygiene and in prophylaxis against genital malignancies. We have circumcised 2832 patients in our hospital and found, that the Gomco clamp is the best instrument for neonatal circumcision and for children. For adults however we prefer the scissors lyre by Dietz. Clearing up the patients for many years, we established, that circumcised adults bring their children to the same procedure spontaneously, knowing its advantages.