Über erste Erfahrungen mit der routinemäßigen Beschneidung des Neugeborenen in Deutschland und Gedanken zur Krebsprophylaxe
First experiences with routine circumcision of newborn infants in Germany and thoughts on cancer prevention

Geburtshilfe Frauenheilkd. 19(1):20-31, 1959

Karl B. Hofmeister
Aus der Städt. Frauenklinik Darmstadt (Direktor: Prof. Dr.med A. Vöge)

Summary (in English in the paper)

Circumcision, which has been practiced by many races for a variety of reasons, has attracted attention in recent years as a possible means of reducing the incidence of carcinoma of the penis and the cervix. To be an effective prophylactic measure circumcision should be carried out immediately after birth to prevent the accumulation of smegma which is considered a potential carcinogenic factor by causing chronic inflammatory reactions of the prepuce, glans, and corona glandis of the penis. With the special instruments that are now available circumcision of the newborn has become a simple procedure that can be performed without anaesthesia, and with a minimum of side-effects. The technique which was used in 150 cases is described. There were no complications.

A somewhat blatant plug for the Gomco clamp! The pictures and diagrams are all from the manufacturer's literature.