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Censored film icon (56791 bytes) Worldwide, the majority of circumcisions are performed pre-puberty. However, for legal reasons the following photographs depict mainly adults. Images of children are used only when the point to be made cannot be adequately illustrated using an adult model.

The basics

Moderately Tight Circumcision.

No scar

On many males circumcision leaves little to no scar at all, as in this example. The prominence of this particular circumcision is due to the colour variation between the inner and outer foreskin layers, rather than a circumcision scar as such. Such a scarless result is often achieved when circumcision is performed in infancy or childhood, although a skilled surgeon can achieve the same outcome on an adult.

Tight Circumcision, Frenulum Intact.

Intact Frenulum

This photograph shows a tight circumcision with the frenulum intact. This circumcision was performed in infancy and no scar is visible. The majority of infant circumcisions do not intentionally remove the frenulum, although it often fails to develop fully when the foreskin is removed at birth.

High &Tight, frenulum removed.

High & Tight, no frenulum

Only the joining of the inner and outer foreskin lining is noticeable on the penis pictured here. The frenulum has been removed, and the circumcision has preserved the inner foreskin lining, placing the nearly unnoticeable circumcision scar more than half-way back along the shaft of the penis.

US military circumcision

A similar “high and tight” circumcision is shown here on a different male. Even when flaccid it is apparent that he has been circumcised, with no excess skin remaining on the shaft and the more sensitive inner lining stretched approximately halfway back along the shaft. Interestingly, while this individual reports that during erection there is absolutely no movement of shaft skin, the tightness is not painful even though when erect he grows considerably. This procedure was performed by the US Military.

Low Circumcision, no frenulum.

Low, undeveloped frenulum

In this photo you will note that the frenulum was removed or failed to develop, also the circumcision removed more of the inner foreskin, placing the scar closer to the glans. Infant circumcisions frequently take an equal amount of inner and outer foreskin, placing the scar line closer to the glans. This is frequently explained by the different instruments and techniques used on children. Likewise, some adults and physicians prefer to place the scar close to the glans for aesthetic reasons.

Low circumcision

Similarly, in this photo you will note that the circumcision removed nearly all of the inner foreskin, placing the scar close to the glans. Prior discussion with your physician of how much inner lining/outer foreskin to remove and placement of the scar will help ensure that you get the circumcision result you desire.

Loose circumcision - and none.

Loose circumcision

Loose Circumcison

Note the bunching of retained foreskin just behind the glans and the folds of loose skin further back on the shaft. A loose circumcision is often the result of the Plastibell or Forceps guided methods of circumcision, performed in infancy or childhood, although a loose circumcision can be accomplished by a physician using any instrument.



For comparison, here is a photograph of an uncircumcised man with his foreskin retracted. Only when the uncircumcised foreskin is repositioned over the glans would the difference between this and a low-&-loose circumcision become obvious.

A closer look at the scar line

Crush-line scar

On some men the circumcision scar is prominent, as in this example. The dark ring (seen here on the shaft, approximately 15mm behind the rim of the glans) sometimes occurs when the incision is not tightly fused during the circumcision. This can happen with freehand techniques, but such marks are more frequently associated with the crushing action of a Gomco clamp.
Sometimes there is no scar line as such, just a pronounced change of colour at the boundary of the inner and outer foreskin. Click on the thumbnail images to enlarge; use the Back button of your browser to return to this page after viewing the enlargement.

wpe1B.jpg (19420 bytes)     wpe1D.jpg (32378 bytes)     wpe1F.jpg (19710 bytes)

“My circumcision was done by Dr. Reed as a freehand sleeve resection. It is high and tight, as requested, and the pink inner lining is obvious when contrasted against my darker shaft skin. I do not have any real scar, as you can see in the pictures, but there is no question about where the join lies. I only have a slight white line at the incision point. These images were taken 60 days after my circumcision.” David - USA.

wpe43.jpg (17997 bytes)

An Arab circumcision done at age 9. The angled scar line suggests a "tug and chop" circumcision somewhat unevenly done. [Click on the thumbnail to enlarge, as above.]

Tattoo scar

Here is a very unusual scar line - applied as a tattoo! The Circlist member who submitted this image writes: “Here is a picture of the tattoo I had to simulate a circumcision scar. It was done over two sessions a week apart, each session lasting about 20 minutes. My girlfriend is really pleased with the new look. I think a nice brown circ scar is very erotic and lets everyone know, without a doubt, that you are circumcised.”

The V-Scar.

The V-Scar ensures that no slack inner foreskin remains on the ventral aspect (the underside) of the penis. It also ensures removal of a greater proportion of Langerhans cells, in theory giving better (but still not perfect) protection against infection by sexually transmitted retroviruses. [Click on the thumbnails to enlarge, as above.]
Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail

Problems with residual inner foreskin pre-puberty

High style on a boy

Pre-puberty, inner foreskin has little elasticity. If a boy is circumcised in a "high" style, there exists the possibility of the shaft distal to the scar line taking on a cosmetically unsatisfactory wrinkled appearance; an extreme example is illustrated here. The problem will normally resolve itself at puberty at which time the slackness will tighten up naturally.


Even if the dorsal aspect of the circumcision leaves little or no inner foreskin, it is still possible for a "bag" of slack skin to hang under the immature penis when it is erect, illustrated here in an artist’s impression. This problem can be mitigated by use of the V-Scar style.

[Artwork copyright © 2006, James Badger]

Patient of Tara Medic

The fully low and tight style avoids the problem.

[Image copyright © 1995, Tara Medic]

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