Helmet or Hoodie
An Australian Internet Survey

This Australian survey, on Weebly, was completed on 13th March 2016 when it reached 500 respondents, and flagged on our News at the same time. The survey was open to anyone who was either born in Australia or currently lived in Australia. Concern about the permanence of these results led us to republish them here (with full acknowledgement) but the site owner asked us to remove them, and we did. Our concern proved justified since the Helmet or Hoodie site no longer exists. The results are still worth preserving, and so we now reproduce them again. The survey organizers made it plain that they do not take sides on the debate.

To clarify the last results:
Men with sons
93% of intact men surveyed left their son(s) intact, while 7% circumcised.
63% of circumcised men surveyed chose to circumcise their son(s), while 37% did not.
Men who plan on children
89% of intact men said they would keep their sons intact, while 11% would circumcise.
75% of circumcised men said they would also circumcise their sons, while 25% would not.

Note that respondents were of all ages. More than one had sons in the 1950s. Our numbers do not represent current circumcision rates.


These results are from the "Great helmet or hoodie survey" conducted by the now defunct Helmet or Hooodie site on Weebly.

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