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Jungsfragen is a site dealing with boys and sexuality. Being German, it is very explicit and down to earth. Its Statistics page, linked here, tallies almost 38,000 results, and is constantly updated. All their survey responses are listed individually, in full, but you would have to be very determined to read them all. The site covers boys from Germany (mostly), Austria and Switzerland; browsing the list suggests that Muslim boys are under-represented since 'religion' is hardly ever given as a reason for circumcision.

The purpose of this page is to provide a translation for English-speaking readers. I've included the graphs as of January 2017 but the best way to use it is to open the German version and have this page open next to it. Then you'll see the latest results - also, the graphs are interactive - move the mouse over to see the actual figures. Text items in blue (on the site) are links to explanatory videos - in German, of course. These links are not active in this translation.

Average size of the erect penis
Length 15.3cm,
breadth 3.6cm
      Only over 18-year-olds were included (7,533 entries) because one can assume that by this age the penis is fully grown.
What penis length is normal? (link)

Which side does your penis lie in your underwear?
It is totally unimportant which side your penis lies in your underpants.

Left side 43%, Middle 30%, Right 27% .

All 37,743 entries were included.

How many boys/men are (un)circumcised?
What is a circumcision and what difference does it make? (link)

Uncircumcised 78%, Stretched 3%, Circumcised 19%
'Stretched' means medically dilated. Ed.

All 37,743 entries were included.

Average penis size with age.
Upper line is length, lower line is width. I can't help suspecting that the 10-year-olds are exaggerating! Ed.
Is yours different? No worry, some boys come earlier, some later, into puberty.
Here I explain what size your penis should be (link)
All 37,743 entries were included.

Does body size say anything about penis size?
As you see, the body size says nothing about the penis size. Thus, big men do not necessarily have a big penis. Only entries from the age of 19 have been included.

How often, on average, do boys masturbate (per week)?
Result - almost all boys and men wank an average of 10.1 timnes a week.
Do you masturbate more often? Here you will learn how often you can masturbate at which age ... (link)

At what age do most boys have their 'first time'?
Heterosexual at age 14.4
Bisexual at age 14
Homosexual at age 14.3
It doesn't matter when you have your first time, the important thing is that both of you feel right about it and want it. That way 'when' counts for nothing.
All 37,743 entries were included.

Who had their 'first time' with which sex?
Not every hetero- or bisexual boy experiences his "first time" with a girl. The actual proportions are here:
Heterosexual boys
With a girl: 84.5%
With a boy: 15.5%
Bisexual boys
With a girl: 42.6%
With a boy: 47.4%
Homosexual boys
With a girl: 11.5%
With a boy: 88.5%
Of course, only those guys who already had sex were included.

Would you wank together or mutually with another boy?
It is totally normal for heterosexual boys to masturbate together or mutually with other boys. Look:
Together 54.2%
Mutually 44.5%

You've already done it or you are interested in it? Does this mean you are gay? (link)
All 37,743 entries were included.

Why are bisexual and gay boys shown separately?
Well, it's obvious from their orientation that they are going to jack off together or mutually. ;-)
blue = heterosexual, dark grey = bisexual, light grey = gay


Thanks to Google Translate and German reader Sy-Phon for help with translation. However in the end the editor accepts full responsibility!

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